Wenesday 1st October 2008
Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux

[LEFT]The following link has a short biography of St. Therese and other interesting links (scroll down to bottom of page)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Read online autobiography of St. Therese[/LEFT]

[LEFT]About the “Little Way” of St. Therese -
“A Spirituality of Imperfection”[/LEFT]



There is a really excellent article on 'WORD AMONG US" about St. Therese and her Little Way of Spiritual Perfection, titled:\

Calming the Inner Storm
St. Therese’s Way to Peace

extract from above article only:

It may come as a surprise, then, that one of Thérèse’s most significant teachings has to do with how to handle the more troubling feelings and emotions that we are all too familiar with—anger, hostility, and melancholy, for example, as well as the desire for attention and recognition. What’s more, these teachings are not abstract musings. Her writings brim with examples of how she noticed her feelings, explored them, and profited from them.
Over time, Thérèse discovered that human feelings and emotions—including those that upset us the most—can really be blessings in disguise. She found that if she approached them in the right spirit, they could even become stepping-stones to holiness. Her example shows us the way.

I can’t post it as it is a subscription only article. I can thoroughly and absolutely recommend Word Among Us as a worthwhile subscription to have, and it is not at all expensive. I was very tempted to post the article in full, but I have a feeling that would be infringement of copyright and against CAF Rules to post whole articles and unsure on that point too.
Word Among Us does have an excellent Search Facility, so if you do subscribe, all articles etc. are very easy to re locate.

Here is the link to “Calming The Inner Storm” if you do decide to subscribe:


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Wednesday eh? I checked the bulletin at the parish that celebrates in the EO form and they have her feast listed as being celebrated on Friday (Oct 3rd)…what do you spose is up with that?


Hi Northstar and welcome to CAF:thumbsup:

I had a look and you dont state your location on your Public Profile and local calendars, depending on location, can vary. I use the Regular Calendar usually. To locate your own local calendar, go to here
…the alternative is also to ring either your diocesan or parish offices.

I hope you will enjoy your time on CAF and find it helpful and informative and looking forward to your threads and posts:thumbsup: …I have learnt an awful lot in these Forums and still have much to learn too I know and look forward to that also.

Blessings and with my regards…Barb:)


Hello again Northstar…I just wanted to return to this thread (I’ve lost my edit facility - we only have an edit of post options for 20mins after posting) and thank you for the ‘nudge’ or pointing out that I just may have made a mistake. I always appreciate such ‘nudges’, as very often I do indeed make a mistake(s). Thank you very much!..You might be interested in this thread HERE I update it daily, or try to and each daily update has two posts. It is the Daily Prayer and Liturgy Thread, (new thread monthly) - and always give me that nudge if you think I have made a mistake please, they can very easily happen!..Barb:)



There is a filmed titled Therese.

It was produced by Leonardo DeFilippis (I hope I spelled his name right) in 2005.

If you would like to know more look up St. Luke Productions.

I enjoyed watching the movie.


Hi Barb, thanks for the links! I went and checked both the ones for the USA and they both say it’s on the 1st. So I checked the parish bulletin again and it says it’s “commemorated” and Friday here. So I guess I just misunderstood how they worded it all.

Thanks again!


P.S. I really wasn’t disagreeing with you, rather I was just curious about it all :o


I haven’t seen this yet, but will keep it in mind for sure! I’ve just started reading her autobiography and have been just blown away at her life when she was a youngster growing up!..oh how the world has changed SO much! :frowning:


Tomorrow, at the Cathedral near where I work, the priest will celebrate her feast with mass in French (only reading will be in English). :slight_smile:

This will be awesome. I have never attended mass in French before.


Ah St Therese who seems to have taken a keen interest in making herself known to me this year because everywhere I turn there she is! Not physically of course but most of all I keep encountering her in her words then her photo or statue. Ive now started reading her Story of a Soul free online thanks to Project Gutenberg and the promptings of another CAF member.

Water oh you are lucky I love mass in French! Ok I love the mass in any language but there is a special place in my heart for it en Francais.


I hope you all like this article and audio:

and audio:

Barb, I think you can listen to this file - they are not video.


Thank you for those links, Water.


You’re very welcoem. I just finished her book and this article and audio make it so helpful to me.


Hi again Ryan…No problems:thumbsup: …I am glad you were able to sort it out. If the local calendar link I give connected to liturgy does not show up your own local calendar, then the diocesan or parish offices will certainly know.

It can get very confusing and truth of the matter is, I am often making mistakes and hence pointing them out is always a welcome happening. If you do note any sort of discrepancy it is either my mistake or differences in local calendars re liturgy.

Welcome aboard with CAF again…and I hope you will enjoy the experience. We can get argumentative and 'stroppy" (touchy) as we call in here in Australia, just now and then with some subjects, but hey - its part and parcel of faulted fallible humanity I think. …Barb:)



Please the online version of "The story of a soul"


I am not too sure if this is the online translation mentioned by Vee8, LittleOne…nor do I know if it is a good reliable translation or not. I hope that it is. It is the only online text I have ever been able to locate. Other CAF members may know.

Online autobiography of St. Therese

Her autobiography is not a big book at all, and I think probably it may cost roughly around $15 to $20 or so to purchase.



I know the feast of St Therese is also celebrated on Oct 5th. Does anyone have an explanation why it has 2 different days.



Probably because the majority of people would not be able to attend her feast day Mass otherwise (than a Sunday) and as a Doctor of the Church with a huge following there would be numerous unhappy people without allowing a Sunday feast day Mass. Just my guess, tho’.:shrug:


The copy I have sitting in front of me (published by TAN Books and Publishers) was $9 at the local Catholic bookstore here…I think I must have got a pretty good deal! :smiley:


Yes. This is what I was thinking as well.

St Therese please pray for us.

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