Wedding and engagement stories--please share


I absolutely LOVE shows about weddings and engagements…I love Married Away, Rich Bride, Poor Bride and Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? (even Bridezilla if none of the others are on):slight_smile: I love hearing about engagements…and weddings…

My husband and I were married by a JOP, and then later, had our marriage blessed by the Church. It was a beautiful ceremony…but we did not have a wedding initially, because my family was being very difficult, and I just couldn’t deal with the stress of trying to please everyone. I wish we had had one…if we go to Italy next year, we are planning to renew our vows there!:slight_smile: Perhaps, that is why I love to hear about others’ weddings, and attend them.

So…tell me about yours! How was the proposal? Did you elope? Did you have a wedding? For the ladies, do you wear a diamond, or another gem stone? A poster on here is planning to get his gf a promise ring–a Claddah ring, I believe? Diamonds are not tradition anymore, I’ve been told…

Please share…and for you single people…who want to get married someday, and are not yet engaged…please chime in with how you’d like your wedding to be…if you even want one!

Can’t wait to read your stories!:slight_smile:


Well, I know my boyfriend is going to propose soon. So marriage has been on my mind a lot lately! He keeps having me look at rings and last night we had our first discussion of names for kids, haha! But thats a whole other thing!:stuck_out_tongue:

I love traditional rings, but also love blue sapphire. He knows this so not sure which kind I will get ring-wise. Don’t really care. Though I am excited as to how he is going to propose!

As for the wedding, I want it small and simple. Since I have 5 sisters and 7 nieces and my boyfriend has absolutely no males he is close to, we are planning to not have any bridesmaids or groomsmen. We are not sure yet if we are going to have a Mass at our wedding, since my family is not Catholic. We have spoken with our priest a little already about starting marriage prep in 2008 and that we plan to marry in 2009, probably soon after my confirmation.

The church I want us to marry in is small but very nice. The priest is wonderful. My boyfriend would kind of like us to marry closer to our families, but the churches there are huge, and just not what I like. Plus, I would like us to be married by a priest we know.

Umm, obviously things are still foggy. No concrete plans yet.

What I want: I want to have my father walk me down the aisle of our parish and give me away to the man of my dreams, the man I love and am currently dating. I want to do something during my wedding, besides the normal stuff, to ask Mary for prayers of our union. My family would not be pleased at that, but its our wedding not theirs. It will be a small but beautiful wedding.

Reception: we’re thinking of having at a place in town. They do receptions, and have a bar that guests can buy drinks if they want but I don’t want a bunch of drunks at my reception so I refuse to have free drinks. I haven’t seen the reception area yet, so we’ll see. But I’m sure it will be nice.

So far, thats really all I have. I just want a simple happy day. I’m not big with details and everything being perfect, so I’m sure it won’t take much to make my wedding perfect for me.

I’m interested to hear stories of those who have already been through all of this.


Oh, I should help you plan this.:smiley: I love weddings! This sounds so charming. I have heard of sapphires becoming the new engagement ring. Princess Diana had one!

Are you having flowers on the tables? Do you have an idea of what dress you will wear?

My dd is 11, and we watch some of these shows together, although she is a tom boy now…she said…she wants to wear converse sneakers under her dress…NOT high heels.:rolleyes: I said I guess you could no one would see. But, your taste might grow…and she said, no I wanna wear converse.:smiley: She showed me the style ring she wants someday. Ok, so I’m a little nuts when it comes to wedding plans…can never start too early.:smiley:

I’m excited for you. Most importantly…the fluff and frenzy of a wedding will come and go…but your love will be everlasting. I am glad that your bf is going to ask you to marry him soon!!! How great! Maybe he will on Christmas?:slight_smile:


I’m not sure! He mentioned something about Christmas, but now he’s saying he doesn’t have the money…but that just could be him trying to make it more of a surprise!:smiley:

There was a dress in the window of the local bridal shop in town this summer we saw and both loved. My boyfriend told me once Christmas break is over I should go in and ask about it. It was white but had a beautiful red trim. So, flower wise if my dress has red trim I might get red roses. Of not, then maybe white and blue? I like baby blue.

Cake is another thing I’m not sure of. Thinking about it all makes me feel flustered cause I have no idea what to do about all of this!:eek:

That is so cute about your daughter, i think its a good idea! I don’t like heels so maybe I’ll bring along a pair of sneakers for the reception!:stuck_out_tongue:

I know my wedding won’t be until 2009, spring or summer, but it feels so close! It’ll be here before I know it! I’m definitely gonna need help with the planning.



just to let you know, you have to have 2 people be sacramental witnesses…whether you choose them to call them “bridesmaids” or groomsmen doesn’t matter… .but you have to sacramentally have 2 witnesses, as well as civilly to sign the license…

Also, think about them as actual sacramental witnesses…such as a godparent. Someone that can support you during your marriage prep, pray for you, support you during your marriage.

Also, don’t think that you are bound to a specific church because a specific priest is there. Most priests will be happy to marry you at another Catholic church.

just fyi


Thank you, good information to have! I didn’t know that about the witnesses I thought having the people in the pews was enough.

Also, I did kinda know about the church thing. The churches closer to our families are really nice and in the same diocese so I’m sure our priest would marry us there. We’ll see once things get going more and we start marriage prep to ask all of that. Probably would be better to get married down there since it would be cheaper for us and the guests to not have to worry about travel and hotels as much.:thumbsup:

Okay someone else post about their weddings and such so this threads not all about me:o


Okay someone else post about their weddings and such so this threads not all about me

Well, okay, but I’m in the same boat as you - we are almost engaged, as soon as he proposes. We’ve already declared our intention to marry, and he said he’ll talk to his priest today about starting marriage preparation.

I think I’m going to be waiting a while for the proposal and ring, and it doesn’t bother me so much right now. He originally said he’d propose in November, but then his grandmother got sick so he spent most of his money on her surgery and cancer treatment. He said I’d have to wait until January, but when we spoke about it again, he said it could even be later than that - like late spring or early summer before he proposes. I can hardly object, under the circumstances.

We haven’t looked at rings yet, either. He has really great taste, though. I like his style, and he wears simple jewelry himself - three cubic zirconium earrings, a wooden pendant on a rope necklace, and a steel tongue ring. (I never imagined myself marrying a man with a piercing, and also a tattoo!) If he wants to surprise me with a ring that he picked out himself, I’m sure it will be simple and tasteful, just my style. And if I get to choose, I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed by all the choices, and go for something simple and tasteful anyway.

We’ve discussed where we want to get married in really general terms. We want to be married in a church in the Philippines - probably his family’s parish church. I have never seen it, nor seen pictures of it, but if it’s where he wants to be married, it’s fine with me. I’m not one of those wedding-happy girls - I’m more interested in making a public declaration of our love and commitment to each other. Going to his family’s church means that we don’t have to fly his whole family (5 sisters, 2 brothers, parents, grandmother…) out to wherever we’d like to get married instead.

He was invalidly married before, and has two daughters, who will of course be flower girls at the wedding. I know his last wedding was in front of a JOP and the bride was pregnant, which was why they got married at all. He wants this wedding to be by the book, as far as the Church is concerned. I guess that means that we’ll do the whole bit - married in the church, with a mass, and whatever else is required. I’m not Catholic yet, so I don’t really know much about a traditional Catholic wedding.

A white dress? Yes, I’ll wear one. What will it look like? I have no idea. It’ll be white. And long. And pretty. Without too many bells and whistles - just a simple and elegant dress. And probably cheap, because I’m not too attached to the idea of keeping my dress. I plan to donate it to charity when I’m finished with it. (There must be some poor couple out there who can’t afford a wedding dress.)

Yeah, that’s as far as we’ve gone in planning things.


Engagement: Knew it was going to happen, we pretty much were just waiting until after my sister’s wedding. We were long distance at this point (and for most of the time we were dating, blech) so I knew the next time he came home he’d produce a ring. He’d asked my dad a couple months earlier. He used to draw me little cartoons when we first started dating, so he’d made a booklet of cartoons of Ways to Propose (a picnic, under the stars, etc) and then in the back was the ring :bounce: :yup: Yes! Also that fall began RCIA (was Protestant) and last Easter was confirmed :extrahappy: and is a very enthusiastic Catholic.

Wedding: Coming up very soon :eek: It’s at my home church. I didn’t want to have a Mass because the majority of guests will not be Catholic but actually FH insisted on it. Expecting about 100 people, mainly family, having brunch for dinner :wink: then dance the night away! Honeymooning in our nation’s capital (Ottawa) not very exotic but there are lots of interesting sights and museums, etc and it’s not too far of a drive from where we are currently living.

As much as I am looking forward to babies and possibly homeschooling I LOVE being a bride :heaven: and am going to miss cooing over pretty dresses and china patterns :stuck_out_tongue:


Engagement Story: A large group of friends all went to the coast for Memorial day weekend. Just to hang out and have fun. I have a habit of always getting up first of all my friends and going for a walk by myself before everyone else is up and going for the day. SO on this day I get up and almost the whole house was up (there were about 15 of us). I thought that was wierd but it was early, I’d not had my morning coffee and didn’t think much of it. Then DH shows up, wide awake and wanting to come with me. Truth be told I was a little annoyed. I like to go pray and be quiet. But whatever, he was determined. We walk out towards the beach and he pulls me into the backyard which was on a cliff overlooking the beach. Again, I’m getting annoyed because I’m ready for my walk! He says let’s take in the view. OOOOOOKKKKKK!!! So I walk over, look left, look right and say ok, let’s go. As I turn to go, I realize he is down on his knee holding a ring. I then look down and see that in the sand it says will you marry me! I said yes and then the house errupted with thunderous applause! He had the whole house in on it! He’d gotten my best friend and his best friend up at the crack of dawn to go down and help him w/ this suprise. I’ll always remember that morning!:thumbsup:


Dh and were engaged exactly one year when we married.
We had been introduced by a mutual friend, and just clicked!

Everything in our wedding, well, at least 90%, was paid for by us.
We were married in my childhood church, by a man we (on my side) consider our ‘family preacher’. He lives out of town, but has performed almost all weddings and funerals in my immediate family. It was wonderful, as we all love him, and look up to him, a great deal.

Our wedding really was a family affair. They helped decorate, make and serve food, sing/music, and were in the wedding.
Heres a rundown:

Preacher: family friend
Wedding party: Sister, SIL, good friend, cousin
Father, cousin, friend, nephew
Servers/book: Friends and family/cousins
Food: Family and friends
Direction: Family (my sisters MIL, who is like part of my own)
Sing/music: Family friend, childhood piano teacher, church deacon/friend
Decorate: Grandparents, parents, SIL, Friends

It was a wonderful time, all of us working together to pull it off.
Great memories there!

A few blunders: One of DH’s groomsmen works out regularly, and so is VERY broad in the arms/shoulders. His jacket came in a couple sizes too small. It was the day of the wedding that the replacement arrived. Otherwise, he’d have either had to go without, or stand there with his arms straight out!

My stepfather and his tie! My mom had laid out his suit that am, complete with appropriate/matching tie, but he got clever and changed it. It was a hideous print, with orange design at the bottom. Recorded for posterity in our pictures. She wanted to hurt him! He has since passed on, and DH and I have the tie, folded neatly in our wedding album. We look back at it now and laugh.

We had a slow leak in our car tire the day of the wedding, and the local walmart didn’t open til the next day at 9am. We had a 6 hour drive ahead of us, with a check in time waiting, so we couldn’t stick around. So he injected a can of ‘fix a flat’ and we headed out. Were halfway through SC, praying it would hold til the next day (this was a Sunday), when we came across a mechanic that was open! He happily fixed/replaced the tire, and we continued our journey. We laugh about that as well.

All in all, it was a wonderful time, spent with family and friends, shared with our community, and we loved every minute of it!


I got engaged the day after my birthday this summer. My then boyfriend, now fiancee, asked if I wanted to take the dog out for a long walk around the resevoir. I whined that it was too hot, and I was too tired. I sat in the air conditioning for a half hour and was finally like fine lets go. He tried three different times to ask. The first time I got swarmed by insects. the second time some random man sat on the bench next to him, and the third time, a herd of dogs swarmed him on their way into the water. We went home, and I went to the fridge for a soda, he told me wait, but I never listen to him, and opened the fridge anyway, I pulled out my frosty diet coke, turned around and he was on one knee in the kitchen in front of the fridge with the dog and the diamond, All my favorite things were there, my boyfriend, dog, caffiene, and diamonds. He was upset that he didn’t get to do it on the walk, but the proposal was perfect for us.

We set the date for 10/11/08. I’m a wicked type A personality so I have gotten everything planned. Withing 2 weeks we had the church and reception site booked, within 2 months we had the photographer, dj, flowers, and cake booked all bridesmaids dresses purchased and ordered. Within three months, we had my dress and the rehearsal dinner stuff booked as well as 2 out of three counseling sessions with the priest. I’m taking a break from wedding planning for the holidays to focus on what’s really important (not family and friends, but my Christmas list of course :smiley: j/k) January we will have our invitations purchased. and regsitry completed as well as transportation, and hotel blocks booked. All we really have left to do after that is purchase our rings, bridal party gifts, finish our counseling, ordering tuxes, thank you notes, and tuxes. Plus the detail items such as choosing flowers and flavor of cake, my hair and makeup, and the seating chart.

We’re having a big wedding, we’re Irish and Portuguese so we have big families and the guest list is rapidly approaching 280, but we’re really only expecting about 175. Three bridesmaids. 4 groomsmen, and my colors are navy blue and champagne/gold.


Well, since you mentioned non-traditional stones, I’ll start with my promise ring, a blue sapphire. I received that as a Christmas gift in 2004. :slight_smile:

We were engaged on my birthday in 2006. We were filming a movie at the time, so we were up early and out shooting in 100 degree heat. After 5 or 6 hours of shooting, we were both exhausted, but he still wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday, so we got dressed up and went out. After dinner, he asked if it was okay if we went to this overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway so that he could get a sunset shot that he wanted for the movie. He handed me the camera and had me get the shot, and when I came back to the car, he had “Aniron” (the love theme of Aragorn and Arwen from the LOTR) playing and started dancing with me. Then he got down on his knee, pulled out a ring he had picked out all by himself (and it was perfect :D) and asked me to marry him… I said “Of course!”. :stuck_out_tongue:

We were married exactly 11 months later in a small ceremony in our current parish church. We had about 25 guests from our families and very closest friends celebrate with us. It was absolutely amazing! We planned the whole thing by ourselves, and were up until about 3am the night before the wedding finishing up the programs and our playlist for the reception (we did our own music). The only thing that almost went wrong during the ceremony was when we went to sit down for the readings… they had two chairs in the Sanctuary for DH and myself, and the floor up there is marble, so when I went to sit down, the chair slid back and I almost fell! :eek: Thankfully, DH was on top of things and grabbed the back of the chair and prevented me from falling. :slight_smile: The reception was a ton of fun… it was wonderful to get to spend time with all our friends and family who we now only get to see once a year.

It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so thankful that we were able to pull it together. It was especially moving for me because my non-Catholic family was so supportive and so moved by the true meaning of the Sacrament. They really saw how happy I am to be Catholic and I pray that maybe some seeds were planted that day. I am so blessed! :smiley:


I love this thread–all of your stories sound so different…fun…exciting…elegant…I want to write more…I will be back later. I’m feeling a little down today, and just need a breather. sigh

Thank you for your replies…I don’t have to seek out my wedding shows as much now…lol:)


JW! Hello again:) I just realized who you were…I was reading through this post, and then was like…oh yeah, I know you. lol

Simple and elegant…I find that to be a beautiful style, really. I have often wondered about the whole ring thing. I had an engagement ring that I lost 7 yrs ago…we replaced it…then, I just a third one this year, but it was moissanite…have you seen these? Wow, beautiful. Strikingly like a diamond…tests like a diamond, but, it is much less than a diamond. Like $500 per carat, as opposed to $1.5k per carat for a diamond. It is lovely, and my husband felt that with all the losing of jewelry that I do…and the losing interest in my last replacement (that sounds bad, but I just wanted something different)…this was a better way to go. I highly recommend these to anyone who is thinking of getting engaged, and is looking for a diamond alternative, that is a real stone. (Just check out or both are great sites…Helzberg Diamonds also has a stunning collection, as well) This being said…I wonder if people wouldn’t postpone their engagements, if there were suddenly no rings involved? I wonder where the whole ring idea came from, and why men don’t wear them, too?

I am excited for you both!


Our wedding can be summed up by going here

Be sure to watch the videos, link on left at bottom :smiley:


Are you paying…is this a present from your parents/his parents? I don’t mean to be nosy–just curious:blush: I remember watching a Married Away show recently, where the couple was older…second marriages for both…the husband to be looked, um…55, and the wife, 45? And they were both successful lawyers…and wow, she was wearing $100k in diamonds --earrings and necklace…I thought it was a bit much, but if you can afford it, and it makes you happy to go out of your way to have a big party for such a celebration, then why not. I think the husband of that show thought things were getting out of hand…lol, but he was happy that his bride was happy. :slight_smile:


I love this story! Your whole family participating right down to the most minute detail…that is great teamwork. I think you are quite blessed…but you probably already know that.:slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.

You guys have some great stories!!!


I’m not sure where the tradition came from but my Dh did wear an engagement ring. After he had proposed he mentioned it was wierd men didn’t wear one and that he would like to. So next time we were out and about, I bought him a simple band. He still wears it, just on his right hand.


i wish i can join in all the wedding plans and things like that. I have been in a relationship for two years but I am 19 and he’s 18. We dated at quite a young age but that did not become an issue since we were growing in love with Christ in the centre of our relationship. It is tough to maintain Catholic values but we know it will pay off soon…maybe after more years, but it doesn’t matter. Love endures.

Congratulations to all of you and have wonderful marriage life.

God Bless.


Hello again! You and I seem to like each other’s threads, I guess. :smiley:

Simple and elegant…I find that to be a beautiful style, really. I have often wondered about the whole ring thing. I had an engagement ring that I lost 7 yrs ago…we replaced it…then, I just a third one this year, but it was moissanite…have you seen these? Wow, beautiful. Strikingly like a diamond…tests like a diamond, but, it is much less than a diamond. Like $500 per carat, as opposed to $1.5k per carat for a diamond. It is lovely, and my husband felt that with all the losing of jewelry that I do…and the losing interest in my last replacement (that sounds bad, but I just wanted something different)…this was a better way to go. I highly recommend these to anyone who is thinking of getting engaged, and is looking for a diamond alternative, that is a real stone. (Just check out or both are great sites…Helzberg Diamonds also has a stunning collection, as well) This being said…I wonder if people wouldn’t postpone their engagements, if there were suddenly no rings involved? I wonder where the whole ring idea came from, and why men don’t wear them, too?

I am excited for you both!

Thanks! We haven’t discussed rings yet. Honestly, I’m not that fond of diamonds anyway. They seem awfully pricy when it’s the thought that counts. I looked at the links you posted, and some of them are more than I want to spend on my whole wedding! :rolleyes: My parents exchanged silver and jade rings - I think that’s really romantic. Somehow it’s more romantic if you do something out of the ordinary. I was looking online, and I like this one: although I’d like a different colour stone. The ring is right in our budget, too! :smiley:

I think the engagement ring hearkens back to a time when a groom had to show the bride’s father how much he was worth. That’s why men do the giving, and women do the receiving. I am basing this on nothing but a feeling, so I could be wrong, but it seems right to me! Later, they exchange wedding rings to “mark their territory”, but the engagement ring seems to be more about convincing the girl and her friends and family that he’s capable of supporting her. That could be a very cynical view of jewelry, but it’s what I suspect. As for me, I don’t care what it is - I just want something that shows the world how he feels about me. Even if it’s made of wood, it’s enough.

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