Wedding blessings


I am getting married in 3 weeks and my fiance and I are wondering what to do as far as getting our rings blessed. My ring is the engagement ring (obviously) but then I have 2 bands. The problem is I only want 1 ring sotered to my engagement ring. What do I get blessed...the single band, the engagement ring/band combo, or both?

Please help!

I would think you'd want all of the blessed.

When I was getting married, we were told (at our pre-cana retreat) that we should move our engagement rings to our right hands before the wedding Mass. Only the wedding ring is blessed in the marriage rite. But that was almost 20 years ago. :D Ask the priest who will be performing the ceremony.

The one that gets blessed at the wedding is the one your husband will slip on your finger at that time.

You can always get the other band blessed at another time.

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