wedding blessings

We have not been arond for a while, too busy for the net, but I would like to ask for some special blessing prayers! In Feb of 09 I met XXXBlack DogXXX here while discussing some faith issues. Getting answers to annulment questions, discussing the catholic single life, ect… tomorw we will be married!
I would not have ever met him if not for Catholic Answers! I Thank you for being here!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! The fact that you met BlackDog here on the forums shows that God does work in mysterious and wonderful ways. :slight_smile:

Lord, since You allowed mommybug and BlackDog to meet on this forum, I pray that You will shower them with Your blessings for a happy and faithful marriage. May they always find strength in You and in each other. Guide them in all things and keep them safe from any misfortune. I ask this through the intercession of Your Most Holy Mother, Mary.

Praying for both of you.

Loving God please give Your graces and blessings in every way that You desire.
May Your loving will be fulfilled in their lives.
Mother Mary please pray for them


Lord, bless this couple and grant them a holy life together. May they persevere in faith and in a state of grace and help each other to become the holiest of saints. Please bless them with little ones, and grant them peace and joy. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer.

I will pray a rosary for you both. Congratulations and God bless! :slight_smile:

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