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Hi All, I wasn't sure if this would be the right forum for this topic, so i started the thread in the water cooler forum. I hope it is ok if I just post here and link to it. I figure there would be a lot of people on this forum who are familiar with getting wedding dresses. :) Here's the link: Basically I am looking for a dress within my budget and within my standards. Thanks for looking at my post!


If you're really on a tight budget and are comfortable with basic sewing (or know somebody who is) you can ask around, some family members or friends might know of an old wedding dress just sitting in sombody's closet waiting to be used. Same goes for flea markets - they have loads of dirt cheap wedding dresses, pretty much only modest ones at all the places I've seen. (scanty dresses are such a recent trend)

I would not worry about wearing a used dress - dry cleaning doesn't cost much, and just let them know that the dress is older and delicate so they can be extra careful.


I replied on the other forum, my advice is EBay. I bought my wedding dress on there for $100. I LOVE my dress and it will soon become baptism gowns :thumbsup:


If your standards include sleeves, then you might call ahead to those setting up a bridal resale event and ask if they get any gowns that are not in the recent styles. Since the events haven't been around that long, you might find that it isn't unusual for a donated gown to have been made back before strapless became the norm. Because so many brides invest in high-end cleaning and storage, the gown could still be in beautiful condition. Older-style gowns may be something that bridal consignment shops might not have.

One such event is Brides Against Breast Cancer. Women donate their wedding gowns and the proceeds go to helping those with metastatic breast cancer "make a memory" with their families:

There are others, though. Check in your area. I think there are similar events for prom dresses that could turn up something for a single bridesmaid, but those are more likely to be in the recent styles.


If you google "LDS Modesty Bridal Gowns", you will find several sites that have the type of gown and the price that you are looking for.


[quote="JustAnotherThou, post:3, topic:207794"]
I LOVE my dress and it will soon become baptism gowns :thumbsup:


:) What a beautiful idea! So creative!


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