Wedding dress?


[size=]Is it wrong to buy a wedding dress not because you’re getting married anytime soon but because you know you found the right dress? Please understand that I am not unhealthily attached to the prospect of getting married, planning a wedding, etc. [/size]


There is nothig wrong with buying something you can afford that you like, whether it be a wedding dress or something else. My question would be if that is the best use on my money at the time? Are there other things it would be better for you to be spending your money on right now?


If it’s any significant amount of money, it might be a bad idea because you never know how much your body might change until then.

Otherwise it sounds like a good idea!

One day when I go looking for my wedding dress, I will bring along my great-grandmother’s wedding picture, and I could only dream of looking so beautiful! It’s long sleeves with a massive poofy veil, and lace detail all over. My mother had a long sleeved dress also, and perhaps I can have it altered :wink:

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