Wedding gift for fiance and parents


I’m getting married in a month and am having trouble coming up with good gift ideas to get my future husband. I want something reflective of our shared Catholic faith. I also need ideas for thank you gifts for my parents. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. God bless!


Rosary for fiancee…


Here are some ideas

a “manly” rosary
an icon
a weekend getaway to see fall foliage
a quilt for the two of you to curl up together
a kewl TV
a novena for your wedding (say it together)

Congratulations. All the best



A family Bible which has the pages for recording family histories… That is what my dad got my mom…


I gave my husband a gold Miraculous Medal for his wedding gift - it went with a gold chain and crucifix I had given him for his previous birthday.

For parents, we gave them engraved photo albums. :slight_smile:


My wife got me a Leatherman for Christmas one year. Best. Gift. Ever. Get it monogrammed with some special message and you’re good to go. Just don’t make it too sappy, though. It’s the ultimate MAN’S tool, after all. When it comes time to save the day with his Leatherman, a guy doesn’t want to produce a tool that says “To my dearest snookums.”

Just sayin’.


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