Wedding Gift Ideas


My best friend from high school is getting married in a month to her high school sweetheart. (Let me add here that we graduated way back in the old days…1982!) He has been previously married and now divorced and she has never been married. Neither are “religious”…they are getting married in a friend’s back yard.

What type of gift is appropriate for a couple like this who have everything they could possibly need? Any good ideas?



You can never go wrong with gift cards or cash.

Or, a donation made in their name as a newly married couple.

Or, if you are crafty, a scrapbook of their wedding photos.

Have a star named after them.


I think it’s always nice to take their wedding invitation and have it framed professionally. It is something you know they will like.


Do you have a picture of them together back in highschool you could enlarge and put in a nice frame?


Someone did that for me and I love it. I have it hanging in my bedroom next to our wedding photo.


Thanks for the great hints. I’ll have to dig for an old photo of them, but that might work. I also like the idea of framing the invitation! I appreciate the feedback!



Here’s another “old timer” HS grad 82.

Wonderful that you still keep in touch. Have fun at the wedding.


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