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Amazingly enough, I have no idea what song was playing while I was walking down the aisle. It was not what I selected. The organist just substituted something else without my knowledge or consent. Every time I watch the video I’m still puzzled.

What’s weird is that about two days before the wedding I had a dream that the wrong song was playing while I was coming down the aisle. And wouldn’t you know it, my dream came true. (Other things went wrong too, like my bouquet falling apart and my new mother-in-law accidentally breaking my cake topper.) But, hey, I’ve been happily married 24 years! :slight_smile:


I just looked up that 3rd verse…oh my!!!


Well this one was popular on youtube. It was at a Catholic Church and the Bride and groom played pachelbel’s canon in d using electic guitars. This one if they saved for the reception it would have been pretty cool. Not so sure about doing this at Church. I could because some couple taking this too far and managing to play ‘Enter Sandman’.


A friend, who because of his profession, did the music for my wedding. I wasn’t Catholic at the time. He was extremely nervous and he hit the wrong button. Instead of hearing “Here Comes the Bride”, I heard “Hello” by Lionel Richie. I couldn’t stop laughing. I refused to step out until I heard my song. Almost five years, divorce and a decree of nullity we still talk about it and have a chuckle.


We were married in the EF. We made sure to pick suitable music and had to discount much that was actually protestant in nature! We also could only choose music that was in Latin.

In the OF one just has to choose sacred music that is Christian which opens up so much. It saddens me that even with that freedom a parish priest still allowed “pop music”


All I can say is WOW! I don’t think they could get away with that in my parish even now–I got married many years ago and I know I couldn’t have then for sure. The worst musical selection I remember hearing was at my son and daughter in law’s wedding. I love them a lot, but they had an outdoor wedding and a protestant minister and she marched down the aisle to the theme from Alice in Wonderland–at least that’s what I believe it was! LOL!–I guess times are a changing. I was married in 68 and back then, there was a really cool pop song called the Wedding Song that I just loved. I wanted it played before Mass–before I even came in–and back then I was told absolutely no.:eek:


God, that was hideous.


Of course, after your comment I had to check it out for myself. just gotta say your assessment was so right!


Wow, that list was appalling. And I didn’t think anything could shock me or suprise me again this week.

Years ago I was at a Baptist wedding, and the couple had the song sung after prayer “Tonigjt I celebrate my love for you.”…they were standing in front of the preacher after prayer (the baptist church didn’t have an altar…) but along in that song (was canned music) are the words “tonight they’ll be no distance between us”…oh my gosh I found that so amazingly such a crude lyric to be sung at a wedding and in a church I remember being embarrassed for them and wanting to crawl under the chair…

I survived (their marriage didn’t sad to say). It’s my opinion all music selections for Mass AND weddings need to tighten up considerably.

And I’ll be the first to admit (I am a convert) that my Baptist wedding back in 1974 had secular music, but at least nothing scandalous.

I’d be interested to know what the rules for weddings will be in the future.


A friend of mine who got married in a Catholic Church came down the aisle to “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?” from The Sound of Music.

Thank goodness it was only an instrumental. But still. :shrug:


Wow… why not save those songs for the Reception and embrace your faith during the Ceremony?

If and when I ever get married I want to make the most of making sure my favourite and appropriate hymns are played, especially ones that were used in other Sacraments from my childhood.

I was maid of honour for a friend a few years ago, she got married in an Anglican cathedral. During the signing of the registry her friend played her electronic keyboard along and sang a pop love song. Yes her voice is amazing and I did tear up but just seemed wrong singing a love song of that type and in that “sexy” kind of voice in a place of worship.

P.S. I’m still new here and I know we aren’t meant to resurrect old threads but I hope this one was still fresh enough to comment in? :slight_smile:

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