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My fiance and I are getting married at the end of next month and so we’re trying to decide on readings for the Mass. We’ve looked over all the readings suggested by the Rite of Marriage, but our priest has also said that if there is another reading we would really like he could approve it if we submit it to him before hand. So we’ve got our favorites among the standards, but my question to you all, is there any reading you ever thought would be really good at a wedding that you’ve rarely or never heard before? I figured this would be a great place to find other people that may see powerful pertinent messages in maybe unlikely verses. Thanks for any help and ideas!


Tobit 8:5-8.

Yes, it’s one of the readings that’s part of the Rite of Marriage. Yet, it speaks of something beautiful about Christian marriage that we often overlook. On their wedding night, the first thing that the newlyweds do is pray. They pray from their understanding of marriage as a blessing from God; they pray for the good that marriage is; they pray that their marriage be characterized by their fidelity to one another; they pray that God might bless their marriage with children; and they pray that God allows them to grow old together.

If there’s another reading out there that better demonstrates that a husband and wife truly understand what marriage is all about, I’ve yet to see it… :wink:


I like the one about Adam and Eve. We had it when our marriage was blessed. Seems especially relevant in these times (Male and female he created them).


Well said. My wife and I chose that one.

P.S. There are many beautiful prayers in Tobit, and beautiful orations as well.


Last month, Father had a couple choose the reading from Genesis about Rebecca coming to meet Isaac. He said in over 300 Nuptial Masses, he never had anyone pick it.
It concludes with Rebecca coming at a time that Isaac needed comforting.

When I married in 2011, we chose the Road to Emmaus Gospel.
Was lovely to consider that the couple walked and talked with Jesus, and then broke bread with Him in their home. And “recognized” Him in their lives. Awesome.


Song of Songs 3:2-5 or any selection from that book. :wink:


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