Wedding Ring Question: Help this guy out!



I need help. I am getting married in less than 3 1/2 months. Help needed with the wedding ring search. I would ask my fiance but she is so busy with all the other planning that I want to be able to do this for both of us. I want to narrow things down to a few good choices that way it will be easy for her and not a huge time consuming thing. I have started searching for wedding bands but am totally overwhelmed with different metals, sizes, types and prices.

I have seen yellow gold, white gold, silver, platinum, titanium, tungsten, and more typs of metals.

Here’s what we’re looking for: simplicity, durability and price!

We are 2 simple people with simple tastes (we like St. Francis) but we want durability and quality. So simplicity yet something that will last.

Can any of you point me in the right direction or give me a ring “tutorial” i.e. “this metal is good because xyz or this one is bad because xyz, etc”? Web links with pictures would be helpful too.

What prices are reasonable? I hope to spend less than $200 on each ring ($100 or less for each is preferable).

If there are any rings with Christian symbolism or Celtic Christian design that would be awesome too. If not, a simple silver colored band would work for me. She is into the silver colored (dont know if that is the right term, basically the metal color or NOT yellow gold color).

Thanks in advance for your help! God is good!


My husband and I have plain white (aka silver-colored) gold bands. I think mine was about $150 and his was $300 (his was a larger size and wider band). They’re a little scratched up after four years of constant wear, but they still look fine. My parents have had their gold bands for almost 36 years now and have had no problems.

One of my coworkers apparently chose tungsten for his wedding band (he’s getting married in a few months). According to him it was cheaper than gold, so strong that a diamond blade would be required to cut it off, and thus “manly”. His fiancee rolled her eyes a bit at the “manly” description (complete with a bit of grunting) but agreed that the tungsten looked very nice and was a good choice. Another coworker has a band of aircraft-grade titanium (also chosen because it was “manly”) and I know of another man who went with the extremely macho option of carbide steel. Of course your future wife has a say in things as well.

Platinum is supposed to be very durable, but is also very expensive. I would strongly advise against gold higher than 14K or silver because both are very soft and thus more prone to damage. Silver also has the added disadvantage of tarnishing easily.

Any design/pattern on the ring is going to increase the price. If it’s something that you really want, then spend the extra money- you will hopefully be wearing these for the rest of your lives. Might as well get something that you both like.


If you want to spend 100 on each just get a plain gold band 14kt (I see you want a silver color, so white gold would be the choice, but it does turn during normal constant so you have to get it rhodium plated once a year is recommended.) and get it engraved with something special that is meaningful to you and your soon to be husband. I wouldn’t go with silver.


Did you get her an engagement ring? What metal is it made of, if you did? The wedding band should compliment it, and yours should resemble hers if this is the case.

If you didn’t get her an engagement ring but have opted for wedding bands only, I agree with littlepaperstar’s advise.


I got her a really neat antique (1920s) ring from a local antique shop. She has told me that once we get married she probably will not wear the engagement ring except for special occasions (she is an artist and does not want to mess it up when she is working on art). I think the ring is white gold (its not yellow gold colored)? Here’s a picture of it.


Esclavo, that ring is gorgeous! I hope that someday when I have a fiance, he has equally good taste! :smiley:


Luckily my Sweetie has a best friend who worked in a jewlery shop at one time and although she lives out of town she was able to give me some great advice. She even wrote me an email will all the “jewler” lingo of what I needed to look for.

I am sure that whatever ring to receive one day (God willing), will be beyond your expectations. God is good!

Thanks for the big :thumbsup: ! I appreciate it!



Thanks for the advice. I have seen Tungston and Titanium rings online and I like the way they look. My fiance heard somewhere that those rings are so strong that they cannot be cut off of your finger even if you have some sort of medical emergency. I dont not know how true that is but that would be my only objection to such a ring (I’d hate to loose my ring finger in an accident because the ring couldnt be cut off)!


I used to get naaaaaged at by the ex for not wearing my ring on the job. she even bought me a 20$ Wal-Mart ring that wouldnt matter if it got lost or destroyed. that was until a electrician tried to hop a fence to a locked powerhouse, and his (titanium) ring got caught and literally stripped the skin and muscle from his finger like a pearing knife. we had to fly him to Miami for a special hand surgeon.

there are plenty of cheap, simple rings out there. cheap enough that you can both get two each, which the priest can bless both sets, but you only wear one, and have a “special” set NOT to be worn on the job or in the yard.


My DF and I chose to get him an Artcarved ring. This is the company my father got both is Texas A&M class ring and his wedding ring from. They have a lifetime replacement program. The styles range from plain to carved/decorated.
I hope that’s helpful!


I can’t see the picture to the engagement ring, but I definitely second the point that the wedding bands should be the same color metal as the engagement ring. And that hers should be the same color as yours. Even if she only wears the engagement ring occasionally, she’ll want them to match, especially then. Not all ring sets fit nicely together. Sometimes the height/thickness of one ring will actually push the other ring a little. So she’ll want to try them on together and make sure she likes the look. I see nothing wrong with going with simple 14K gold, just find one whose color matches the other one pretty well. In fact, now that I think of it, I think my dh’s wedding ring might even be a 10k gold - he does alot of physical work and wanted it to be sturdy.


If you got her an antique ring why not get one made to match it? We did that with mine the photo is my original ring and then for the one made we just did one row across. We got it made in white gold including diamonds for under 300.00…the original antique ring was platinum but that would of been 700.00 to get it made…

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Maria, that ring is also gorgeous!

I am tucking away these ideas for future reference. I had no idea that it would cost (relatively) so little to have something that lovely custom made.


Go to walmart. (I’m kidding, sorta) My parents got plain golds bands and after almost 19 years they still look relatively new. I, unforcently, am allergic to metal that isn’t pure gold, so I’ll have little choice when it comes to my wedding band.


Sorry about the photo. Guess doesnt like me linking to the photo.

Thanks to everyone for their advice! Keep it comming. PatienceAndLove, I’ll def check out that link. Thanks! Here’s a link to the ring photo if you want to look at it again!



Plain yellow gold would probably be the cheapest. However, like your bride, I hate yellow gold and would be…disappointed…to wear it every day for the rest of my life. Actually, remember that, it may be worth it to the two of you to spend a little more to get just want you want given that you will be wearing them 24/7 for the rest of your lives.

White gold, depending on your specific body chemistry, will have to be re-plated periodically to keep it white. That expense and hassle (who wants to leave their wedding bands at the jeweler’s?) was enough to eliminate it for us.

Tungsten, titanium, etc. are gaining in popularity, especially for men. While this might have changed in the three years since my wedding, rings of those metals were very ‘manly’ and would’ve looked silly on me. There was also some concern that these metals were too hard, and could lead to injury since they would break the finger and not themselves.

We finally went with platinum. Left unpolished, it scratches to a duller white, or it can be easily polished shiny again. Unlike gold or silver, plat. doesn’t wear or scratch away. My grandma’s gold ring is noticeably narrower on the bottom from wear, and polishing it will only make it wear sooner.

Narrower, simple bands aren’t too expensive, mine was just under $200… I recommend
All three of our rings, and some gifts, have come from there. You also might want to look in pawn shops, antique shops, etc. ‘New’ jewelry is marked up well over 100% but ‘used’ jewelry is generally priced more, umm, realistically. Also, used jewelry is a good way to get around any concerns about the environmental/social justice concerns that surround mining for precious metals.


I find it interesting that people advocate that the bands be the same or similar.

My ring is yellow gold, while the FH’s ring is yellow and white gold.
Neither of my parent’s rings match, or look similar. The only similarity is that they are yellow gold.


I bought our wedding rings (not her engagement ring) at James Avery. A gold band that did not cost that much.

They have a pretty decent selection


Yeah, that’s really a preference that varies from couple to couple. My dad has a plain wide yellow gold band, and mom has a narrow white gold band with five small diamonds set in a row (similar to one of those three-stone anniversary bands that are currently popular).


And your Mama’s wedding ring sounds like mine! My FH bought the engagement ring and wedding ring as a set.

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