Wedding songs

Hello everyone!! Can you through out some good songs to sing during a wedding mass. Thank you!

Ave Verum Corpus is a good one.

Need more information. Do you want songs for the congregation to sing, or a soloist?

Do you want Classical music or contemporary music?

Do you want Latin, English or some other language?

If you want the people to sing, is there a hymnal available? What is it?

Not the Mass of Creation, whatever you do.

Please give us more information though.

Agree that more information is needed. It depends if you desire your guests to sing or just a soloist/cantor, as well as if you want a more classical repertoire or contemporary one.

There is actually a few parishes that I know of which are putting a stop to the Mass of Creation. Our diocese was trying to phase it out a few years back as well. Since then, I haven’t had to use it much for weddings in this diocese, although in dioceses that’s a different story.

On a side note… a colleague of mine had a bride who requested this particular mass. She thought it was called “The Massive Creation”. No joke.

Talk with the Bride and Groom, parish musician and/or the priest who are involved. Those about to be married may have thoughts about what they would like. The music director at the church might have a list of music that is or isn’t allowed. (no secular music, but I hope you already knew that).

If the Mass of Creation is chosen, you aren’t breaking any rules. Despite what many here have say with sarcasm, it is valid for use. Personally, I’d use a different Lamb of God, but that’s just my personal taste.

I’m not going to attempt to get into a discussion with previous posters about taste again, but I"ll say this:

Personal taste allow us, in a situation like this, to choose from the rich and diverse musical compendium that exists for Catholic worship. This music cuts across time periods, languages and cultures. As long as the rubrics are adhered to, sing with praise to the Giver of All Gifts!

Well, of course, if the music director at that parish uses “The Mass of Creation” then it has to be used. I’ve used it at various parishes for weddings when that is the only thing used by that particular parish and the musicians involved. The director of worship for our diocese has worked to stop its use within the diocese, but as you said, it doesn’t break any rules if it is used. I’ve found with the Lamb of God from cantoring it through the years at more parishes than I can count that most congregations can’t easily navigate the part “who takes away the sin of the world”.

Also, the bride who called it “The Massive Creation” wanted that mass sung at the wedding. She wasn’t making fun of it. It wasn’t a joke. And she actually didn’t believe my colleague at first when he told her the real title. It sort of similar to when a bride I was working with requested the “Tacobell Canon” (Pachelbel’s Canon) and she truly thought that was what it was called because the priest marrying her told her that was the title. You can’t help but get a little chuckle out of that. And those brides also got chuckles once they realized what they were requesting.

I must beg to differ. So far, I have found textual modifications in the following parts from MOC, making them illicit:

Gloria (There is a “refrain” used)
Sanctus (God of power, God of might)
Agnus Dei (Jesus, Lamb of God, also, they’ve added tropes)

The church has made very clear that we are not to modify the texts. These modifications make it illicit to use much of the MOC.These modifications corrupt the celebration, render the liturgy unstable, and frequently distort the authentic meaning of the Liturgy. Why would we want to do that?

The thing is, though, I believe Haugen has updated the MOC with the correct texts as you can see here , so at this point it does become more of a taste issue. I personally don’t care for the music, plus I think the Agnus Dei is difficult for some congregations to sing. But unfortunately there are still many parishes which use this as their go-to mass. Many don’t even realize that there is a plethora of mass settings out there.

Let’s get back to the original question at hand.

I’ll just throw out a couple middle-of-the road pieces. My repertoire is more on the classical end though.

There is a lovely and simple hymn, “When Love is Found” which is set to a traditional folk melody. It can be played straightforward like a traditional hymn on an organ, but there are also many different arrangements of it. Here is one with a more traditional arrangement, but the voice isn’t the best.

Then here is a more modern arrangement to the music on the piano. This is a typical church voice which isn’t awful, and she was probably a relative or family friend with a nice, untrained voice and probably added a lot of meaning for the couple. I apologise I haven’t been able to find a good recording of it.

Well… to be continued. My bambina has awoken from her afternoon slumber. :slight_smile:

Sounded fine to me … who were you expecting, Maria Callas?

I didn’t say it was bad and nor was I expecting Maria Callas. Actually, I don’t think I’d like to hear Maria Callas singing that. It would be too much of a voice for that kind of hymn. Plus, as much as I liked her and her artistry at her peak her voice got way too wobbly by the end of her career for various reasons when she could have still been singing. Unfortunately, because I’m trained vocally and is what I do for my livelihood, my ear picks up things that most people don’t notice, so I have a more critical ear… fortunately and unfortunately. You can tell the person has had some training, but the technique isn’t solid. He/she (might be a boy singer) seems to be trying to make the sound rather than trusting in his/her instrument and hearing the sound. I’m also extremely critical on myself. Much more so than I am of others.

You should be able to speak with your parish organist or music director to plan your wedding music. My daughter was married a couple years ago and they music director had a whole list of stuff to pick from that was approved by the pastor.

We can’t use that setting until Advent. It’s done with the new translation.

Yes, I know, as I have already been purchasing some of the new revisions for other masses. The text will be correct, though, and will be in use before you know it. My point was that even if I don’t like the music, when sitting down with couples to choose their music, I couldn’t use the improper text excuse, especially for couples getting married towards the end of the year and after. So, it then becomes more of a taste issue for this particular piece of music.

But I do know that when choosing music for couples who are getting married prior to Advent, I could tell them that the Director of Worship of at least this diocese (I couldn’t for other states and dioceses I work in) is working to stop its use. That said, if their parish still uses it, I would have to follow what their music director/pastor decrees even if the current text isn’t totally correct, since I am only an outside, freelance musician at that point.

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