Wedding within Mass planning form


I have the pleasure of playing for an upcoming wedding.

The planning sheets [forms] I’ve seen for the liturgy include, at the very beginning, a Processional, followed by an Entrance/Gathering song.

I presume the ministers, et al would be first in the processional, then the bridal party.

It occurs to me that a Gathering song might come first, with the ministers entering. Then another piece of music for the bridal party.

What is the preferred order or persons and songs/instrumentals?

Were there any changes in procedure with the recent Roman Missal 3?

Many thanks for your help.

Mary Carolyn :juggle:


I attended a wedding just yesterday, and the priest did not process in. He stepped out from the sacristy, and stood in front of the altar as the parents were seated, and then the wedding party processed in, and finally the bride and her father.

Now, whether that’s the “official” procedure, I can’t tell you; but I do know the priest who celebrated the nuptual Mass is quite orthodox.


Our priest always processes in with the groom and the groomsmen.
Then the bridesmaids, and children, if any (ring bearer & glower girl) then the bride.
We never have a “gathering song” at Nuptial Masses. The bride’s music is general the last thing played.
I would ask the priest his preference. They all have pretty strong opinions on this. Even if you discover something "official: likely he’ll have his own preference. :thumbsup:

Some people do have Gathering songs sung by everyone. But they tend to be older couples. The young brides all want Canon in D. (ick) . LOL


Your best bet is to ask the priest how it’s going to be. When my hubby and I got married, and two yeas later when my brother got married, the entrance procession was ministers, priest followed by bride and groom with their parents and attendants just as it’s written in the rite. It’s still a rare thing apparently, because other ways are also allowed, but you may have stumbled on a priest who does it " by the book".


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