Weddings at Regularly scheduled Masses

Today (Sunday) at the regular 9:00am Mass we had a wedding. I think this is a first for our parish. At least this is the first such wedding at a regularly scheduled Sunday Mass that I am aware of… It was for an older couple and this was not the first marriage for either. They met at the parish where both were involved in various ministries.

I’m wondering how many other people have seen this.

Never seen it.

But…given the shortage of priests and the importance of liturgy truly being a communal event (probably most rarely achieved at weddings which are probably the most private and exclusive liturgy the Church celebrates…despite the contradiction!) I think it’s an exciting and intriguing option that could have huge ramifications for the Church.

That was the wedding I had with my husband 12 yrs ago!!

At a juncture, in the mass celebration, the priest administered the oaths and married us. No parties, just a quiet dinner with my husband and immediate family.

peaceful yet very effective.

Love and peace

Sunday weddings are discouraged in Canada but if you’re going to have one at the regular Sunday Mass this seems to be the type of couple (involved in various ministries) who are good candidates. This would appear to be a couple who isn’t interested in the carnival-like atmosphere of the usual wedding but who understand that a wedding isn’t all about “the bride’s day” and wants a dignified simple exchange of vows in the company of the community they serve.

Mass is the preferred context for sacraments, including matrimony, when possible, and it is entirely appropriate to conduct the sacrament during a regular Sunday Mass, which of course uses the Sunday readings. However the non-sacramental cultural flourishes would not be appropriate–multiple attendants, lasso etc.

Is a parish allowed to refuse to marry a couple during a Sunday mass if they can’t afford to a special nuptial mass on a Saturday or Friday? I’ve heard of a couple cases on bridal forums where this happened.

It’s a matter of particular law for the local diocese. Some encourage weddings during the Sunday Mass, some forbid them, some say nothing on the matter.

If a couple “can’t afford” a wedding Mass on Friday or Saturday (or any other day), then the pastor still has the obligation to provide it without expecting any “fee.” That’s what that question on the form means. The Sacraments are always free-of-charge. There should not be any “connection” between inability to pay a fee (for organist, heat, cleaning, etc.) and having/not having a marriage ceremony during the Sunday Mass.

Thanks, Fr. David. That might explain why they weren’t permitted to have the sacrament during the Sunday mass.

I do know and understand that there shouldn’t be a connection between paying the fee and receiving the sacrament. (The $800 fee, for instance, was waived for my husband and I because we were very active members of the parish.) But it appeared that those couples were actually still made to pay the fee even though they couldn’t afford it and wasn’t looking for a big wedding. I don’t know the whole story, though, so who knows? :shrug:

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