I have recently started abstaining from meat on Wednesdays but I have fish and eggs.
my company is having a xmas party on wednesday and I love the crabcakes at this particular restaurant. can you tell me if crab is considered meat or fish???

well crabs live in the ocean and are considered seafood, they are cold-blooded, and Joe’s Crab Shack is MIL’s favorite Friday nite restaurant, so I would say you’re good.

The Orthodox fast tends to be stricter than the Western Church’s – during Lent, even fish are forbidden, but “bloodless fish” are allowed. Bloodless fish includes crab, clam, mussels, any kind of shellfish or crustacian. Looks like you are good to go on the crab cakes! bon appetit!


thanks everyone… they changed the date from friday to wednesday for me as i fast on fridays so i was really hoping that i would be able to have the crab cakes!!!


Glad to hear that ALL crustations are allowed,my future husband and I am “fussing” over this. He says that shell fish is a luxury so NOT allowed by the church ( he is a cradle),.,I as a recent convert learned that if it comes out of the water, ya can eat it on Fridays. I also posted a new thread about Friday fish.

Fish. But mainly, it does not have warm, red blood like beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc. Chow down, and save some for the rest of us.

When I was Orthodox, when we really had a major cause for celebration (like, U.S. Thanksgiving during the Advent fast), we celebrated with shrimp, oysters, lobster, etc. Under normal conditions, we kept not just the letter of the fast, but the spirit of the fast – strict vegetarian with NO frills or expensive shellfish. But on special days during the fast season, we had fun seeing how festive we could get while trying to be obedient. Remember that in Orthodoxy, roughly one third of the year consists of fast days, with some fasting seasons running roughly two months (when you take into account the preparation weeks for the fast).

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