Week one has gone by!


A little explanation to my title. :smiley: Our oldest ds is going to college. He is a pre-med student. He is pursuing his dream of becoming a pediatric surgeon. He was accepted into a medical program, basically a scholarship type of program that he has to keep his GPA at 3.5. (He has a 4.0 and tutors Math and Physics at his university) When the time comes to apply for medical school, he’ll be automatically accepted into a medical school here in Texas. Another stipend he has to do is to go where ever he is assigned to go for the summer, for 6 weeks really. This summer he had to go to Texas A&M. We couldn’t believe how huge Texas A&M is!!! It’s like a city of it’s own! We took him a week ago.
I miss my boy but i’m also proud of him because he’s pursuing his dream! It was sad to leave him as he’s never been away from us for this long. But as I said, it’s a great learning experience for him to be around other kids that are pursuing their dream of becoming a doctor. We’ve talked to him everyday and he has had classes everyday from 8:00 to 5:00. Monday thru Friday. They also get to shadow doctors. I think it’s really neat to do this.
So last night we talked to him and told him "Week One is gone"
5 more weeks to go. :slight_smile:
(We’re planning on going to visit him in about a week or two)
Thanks for letting me share. :slight_smile:


That sounds like an awesome program! He’ll be so glad of it when he sees his peers going through med school admissions h*ll in three years. Congratulations, you must be so proud. :slight_smile:


are you from the Valley as well? families here have a huge problem letting their babies go out of the Valley to school. Congratulations on your son’s acceptance to this program, which is an excellent one. 3 of our recent grads were accepted into this program at Baylor, with full scholarship, sadly only one accepted, because parents don’t want them going away to school. Different culture, and one I don’t understand, but can certainly empathize with empty nesting – all 4 of ours left home in one year for various reasons, and it was a real adjustment.


No, we’re form the W. Texas area. I believe it took us about 8 hrs to get to College Station. Our area is a desert type of area. LOL I was marveling at all the trees and just praising GOD because all of this (the trees, the view) is made by HIM. :slight_smile: Awesome view!

This program that he was accepted into is called JAMP. Joint Admission Medical Program. There were many applicants but only 3 were accepted from his university and he was one of them. :smiley:
Let’s see…I believe he has 2 more years here at the university and then he goes off to medical school. He’ll have to go next summer as well, then he comes back and that will be his last year, I believe.
It was hard to leave him and he took it hard but dh and I kept telling that he would be alright. I told him not to look at it as 6 weeks but look at it as 2 weeks when we go overthere. This was the 1st time I had seen him tear up since he was a child.
The next day we talked to him, he seemed to be ok. He said they’ve been busy and he was excited that they will get to go watch the Astros play in Houston. :slight_smile:

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