Weekday communion service


From Monday to Friday, if there is no Mass scheduled, does your church have a communion service scheduled?


As far as I can tell from reading the diocesan norms here, they are not permitted.


A Communion service on the pastor’s day off, in a one-priest parish, is fairly common in my locality.


As is in mine–carefully prescribed in a notebook laid out by the priest. But I don’t typically go to them…just my opinion on them.


In my parish when a weekday Mass is not available, we have Lauds with communion. I’ve never been to it so I have no idea how it’s done.


No. Our Pastor is often out of the parish for meetings and to minister to two missions but we only do a Liturgy of the Word with Communion if he’s away on a Sunday.


We have 4 Deacons, so Communion services are pretty common here if the priest is away. Weekdays of course, never on a Sunday. And, we have a weekly Communion service at the nearby Nursing Home for the patients there on Wednesdays.


No, our pastor would never allow such a thing. There really is no necessity for a weekday communion service - only an opportunity for lay people to play being a priest. In a large city, there are usually plenty of other churches to go if your parish doesn’t have Mass on a particular weekday (at least 15 within a ten mile range of where I live) so no necessity to have a weekday communion service.


Playing priest? It’s nice that you have so many options. But where we are, there are not even 15 parishes in our Deanery, nor do many of the parishes have more than one priest. They do get sick, they are called to go on retreat, they do visit their families. Our parish has an obligation to offer daily opportunities to receive the Eucharist. If it were not for our deacons we could not enjoy such a privilege. And many of our elderly are not comfortable driving over 25 miles to another parish during rush hour.
Those (like a previous poster) who refuse to attend a communion service, only harm themselves, for they refuse an opportunity to receive Eucharist. Surely we all can agree that Christ is present when taken to the homebound and those in the hospital? Why would the reserved host used in a Communion service not be just as valid?
You’re lucky to have such an abundance of choices. Many in the U.S, do not have such blessings. Pray for vocations. At Mass AND at Communion services. Peace.


That caught my eye, also, Clare. It is a serious and erroneous judgment of others’ motives. In reality, loving the Eucharist as they do, and being willing to serve the faithful rather than sleep in, they can offer no greater ministry than to distribute the precious Body and Blood of Christ to those who hunger for Him. When pastors are unavailable, for whatever reason, it is a great blessing having these persons assist the pastor in his absence. I can only lament that the person who made this comment does not have the deep devotion of our saints who longed for Holy Communion … daily!


When the previous priest was pastor, there would be a communion service with Morning Prayer.


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