Weekday Mass in mortal sin.


If I am in a state if mortal sin and can not receive communion during weekday mass is there any point in going, do I benefit from it?


Dear dizzy,

If you were terribly, terribly thirsty and came to a muddy marsh that lay between you and a fresh stream and you decided that you didn’t want to cross the marsh because of the possible dangerous wildlife that might be present in it, would it be better for you to turn around and go away from the clean water or to wait until you got the courage to wade through the marsh to get to the water?

As for the matter of daily Mass in the state of mortal sin, what one would really need to do is get out of the state of mortal sin. Nothing, nothing in life is more important and crucial! If this should mean living in celibacy in an invalid marriage, then so be it. As for daily Mass, granted one cannot merit anything while in the state of spiritual death—which is what mortal sin is. But staying close to the source of one’s salvation is far better than turning around and going in the opposite direction!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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