Weekday Missal

Does anyone use a Weekday Missal, if so which one is the best to use?

Thanks in advance.

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My friend,

I use the Missal from Midwest Theological Forum. It is WONDERFUL, but a bit pricey.


Good luck!

Check out post #5 from this thread for all of my missal recommendation:


Save your pennies! The Missal that you are referring to (and I have a copy) wlll be obsolete in about a year or two since the new translations are being hammered out. Rather than plunk down $100, you might, for the time being, invest in subscribing to the Magnificat, the monthly publication. It has all of the readings, propers and prayers for the given month and it also has morning and evening prayer and beautiful meditations, including some by Pope Benedict XVI.

When the new Roman Missal comes out, then you can make the investment.

Someone needs to do their research! A year of magnificat is $49. The Hardbound missal is $59. The translation will not be out at best until 2011, probably more like 2012. So you can choose to spend $150, or you can spend $59 once. (It was $79, now on sale).

This reminds me of the daily missal I used a long time ago. It was by the Daughters of St Paul and it was fairly fat and a bit cumbersome to carry around. It had a chart for the liturgical years all the way to 1999.

After I returned to the Church recently, I dug it out and found out that it had ‘expired’ in a sense. I currently use whatever is in the pew at church. :o

I stand by what I wrote. I plunked down $100 for my Daily Roman Missal. I would rather buy the Magnificat than make a serious investment on something that will be obsolete in about a year, two at the most. It is probably on sale because the publishers know that it will be obsolete.

But once again, even if it’s out in 2 years (the very earliest according to my friend, Archbishop Burke), you’re still spending $100 for a throw-away booklet as opposed to $59 for a book you can keep which has TONS of prayers and song texts. That simply is bad economics.

Here’s an alternative to Magnificat www.livingwithchrist.us/sub_renew.php Living With Christ is my daily missal and I love it. $59.95 for a 3-year subscription.

What is changing about the Missal?

An entirely new translation from the Latin into English. The translation is substantially different, so as to be more faithful to the original Latin. It should come out by the end of next year, or possibly 2011. You can find it on the USCCB website.

Thanks. I looked on the website and found it. Those changes are substantial, you are correct…little goofy if you ask me. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

Oh well.

Well, the problem is two-fold…

  1. The translation we use now is not the best. It came out after Vatican II and was rushed so that it could be put into use as fast as possible. Unfortunately, that left some of the passages substantially different from the Latin… different enough to be theologically confusing in at least a couple of places. The new translation is quite accurate, while still readable. Most people in the know are quite pleased with it.

  2. This translation is also attempting to do something that’s never been done before, which is provide a single, unified English translation for ALL English speaking countries. Right now, the Australian text is substantially different from the British, which is different from the American. When this is all done, it will be approved by the Bishop’s Conferences in the UK, Ireland, Canada, US, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries.

Over on the website for Catholic Culture, they have a really informative article about the new translation.

could you please provide the link?

Sorry about that. Here it is: www.catholicculture.org

Tony236 3-5-2010

Just purchased 2 St. Joseph Weekday Missals Volume 1
and 2 St. Joseph Weekday Missals Volume 2

My Church uses HERITAGE Sunday and Weekday Missals

NOTHING matches ~ First Reading, Responsorial Psalm,

or the GOSPEL reading.

WHY don’t ALL Missals match? Just spent over 80 dollars 2 weeks ago.

The place I purchased the Missals dosen’t carry HERRITAGE Missals.

Very frustrating! Tony236

My parish uses J.S. Paluch. I have a St. Joseph Sunday and a St. Paul Weekday. They all match. And they match with the Lectionary that my parish uses. They also match with the Lectionary that is used on the EWTN daily and Sunday masses. I think they are in sync with the U.S. lectionary.

The problem might be with the Heritage Missal. It might be taking liberties or it might use the Canadian or British or Australian lectionaries. I should have looked at where you were from before I wrote this.

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