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Are Masses during the weekdays/morning different from Mass on Sunday?

I’m going to have time in the morning now, and I was curious about going on the weekdays as well.

I assume there are less people?

My fear is sticking out like a sore thumb. On Sundays, if I don’t make the proper signs or don’t know when to kneel, I can just follow other people and blend in…


I was a Catholic for a long time. I enjoyed going to daily Mass when I could.

My experience has been that, yes, there are fewer people, although how many depends on the time of day and the parish. I have been to daily Masses at a student parish where there have been less than 30, and other daily Masses where there have been a hundred or more.

I have found that there is no choir and generally the Masses are shorter.

Depending on the size of the service, some people find that they make friends among those who attend, as they become regulars.


Depends upon the parish, especially if they have a parish school. School masses tend to be the similar to a Sunday Mass. If not a school Mass, Usually there isn’t any music. There is only one reading and the gospel reading. There may or may not be a homily, if there is one its usually very brief. There may be a rosary being said before or after Mass.


As others have said, depends on the parish but also time of year. My parish has two daily Masses, OF & EF (Latin), during the school year but only OF in the summer. There are usually less people but there are usually enough that you could follow. Also in many churches there are missals that will have the order of Mass with notes on when to stand, kneel and sit.


It can be almost exactly like Sunday Mass, or the same as, but usually it isn’t in most parishes.


In the ordinary form of the mass there is normally one reading with the psalm and the gospel except feast day when the Gloria in excelsis deo is said and are two readings.


Buy a Missal and you can follow everything that happens in Mass. The weekday Masses are much shorter, more like 30-25 minutes. There is usually no music, everything is spoken instead of sung, we don’t say the Creed or do the Gloria, there is just 1 reading and the Gospel. Our priest does a homily. We say a rosary at the end of Mass. With the rosary, the whole thing comes to about 1 hour, but most people leave after Mass.

I love the weekday Mass. It is less distracting to me than the Sunday Mass with all the music. I can focus on the true reason I am there, which is Jesus in the Eucharist. And, no one holds hands during the Our Father!! :thumbsup: LOL


Yes, there will be fewer people. Just sit in the back. :slight_smile:


I go to Thursday noon Mass at a parish downtown and there may be 15-20 there, max, and have missalets and pew cards (cheat sheets LOL). It is very short, starts at noon and I’m sitting in my car at 12:30. Don’t worry about sticking out like a sore thumb, just follow along and do what the others are doing. Believe me, they aren’t going to look at you as if you’re doing something wrong. They’ll just be glad you’re there. :thumbsup:


Don’t be afraid. God knows we aren’t perfect. He wants our trust, attention, the best we can give him. All the rest will fall into place.


It will be basically the same as the Sunday Mass.

The times to stand, to kneel…do not change Stand for the entrance, the gospel…kneel during consecration…it will all be the same.

There will just be one reading from the OT, then the psalm…and the gospel. No gloria.

The Liturgy of the eucharist will be the same as the sunday mass.

Just go in, sit somewhere in the back for a start, is my suggestion. And do not worry about making a mistake or so…nobody will notice. Everyone will be focused on the Eucharist…not what the other attendees are doing right or wrong.


The lowest number I have ever encountered at a daily mass is 2. Me and the priest. If there were less, I would not know.

If there are only 2, I’m sure the priest will help you with the responses and postures. He did when I stumbled and I had been going to mass for 50 years. I’m just not used to leading the responses. :wink:


They are different, and I enjoy them. I work away from home (so far that it’s in another diocese!), and go to a weekly Mass out here. It is more intimate, and the people are focused! I love it! It’s 30 minutes at most, we only receive the Eucharist under one species (bread), and there are other small differences. The celebrant will lead us in a prayer before the Entrance Antiphon (usually the Regina Coeli).

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