Weeping Mary Statue


What are everybody’s thoughts about this?


Tears made of olive oil? Sounds like human hands could be behind this - I have my suspicions.


This is in Hobbs. New Mexico, South East corner of the State near the lower Texas panhandle, they have already examined the statue and couldn’t find readily where anyone had tinkered with it. That would be when the statue last shed tears, about 2 months ago I’d say.


Yes, I remember reading the stories when
the statue began “weeping”.
This is the first time I have read that the
tears were of olive oil. I believe in miracles, but I am not ready to say this is one.


I’ve never heard this below, before? What do you all think?

<<<<<<<<<< Some Catholics believe unexplained images of Our Lady of Guadalupe — the Patron Saint of Mexico and Mexican Americans — or Virgin Mary statues appearing to cry are signs of a coming tragedy or a possible warning.>>>>>>>>>>


They couldn’t find anything inside the statue that would make the “tears”.


Wow, it’s just beyond me to answer. I will try to pray over it. I have sent internet intentions to Lourdes and have prayed with intentions here. I am no judge.

It’s possible I believe.


I mean, I’ve never heard of Catholics believing these phenomenons indicate an upcoming tragedy.


Well, Fatima, Akita, La Sallette and some of the “unapproved” apparitions have indeed, predicted tragedy at that. But in these cases, I believe seers were told this directly. I would not as much as go in for the “upcoming tragedy” part, I think as of now, Mexico does suffer. The USA does too as far as that goes.

Maybe someone more learned on apparitions can comment. I know of one member, it would be of interest if they commented. And I say that humbly speaking.

Edit On: I did invite a member.




She’s crying over the huge mess we got going on in the Church right now. :dizzy_face::sleepy:


many statues and icons have wept over the centuries.

its up to the church to decide its authentication.


The article said it could be weeping from demonic forces.


I doubt a statue of the virgin mary would be demonic sourced weeping inside a catholic church.


What are your thoughts about these weeping statues suggesting a future tragedy?


I don’t think we can conflate the two. There are ongoing tragedies globally, almost daily.


Taking this stuff as a “possible warning” is superstition. If Mary wants to warn us about something, she will do so much more clearly. Plus she has already warned us multiple times at approved apparitions like Fatima. She doesn’t need to keep repeating herself every year.

If this weeping is truly miraculous, then it may be she is simply sad about the amount of sin in the world. In any event, we know what we are supposed to do from her previous approved apparitions.

There seem to be a lot of posters on this forum who are mildly obsessed with the idea of some kind of apparition, vision or prophecy predicting future tragedy . As Rose pointed out, there are tragedies going on in this world all day and all night for centuries. Every time you commit a sin yourself it’s a little tragedy. Stop focusing on this scary supernatural superstitious stuff, and pray and do penance and go to Mass as Our Lady wants you to do, and then you don’t have to be all hyper about every little weeping statue or purported vision that pops up.


Our Lord performed miracles to help show the power of God to people who otherwise would not be convinced of the Truth by words alone. Weeping statues and the like can encourage our faith but the supernatural is not always benign and dwelling on such things can lead to pathogenic ideation.

At the beginning of my journey to faith I read a great deal about such things and one day I said to my priest “wouldn’t it be great if we could perform miracles of healing.” He said “mmm, but the real miracles are saved souls.”


I just websearched “Tears Fatima Statue” because for some reason, this crossed my mind. One might pursue such reading as well. I usually use “bing.com” instead of google but hopefully, any search engine will work.


Interesting, but then again we don’t need a statue to tell us that Mary is weeping.

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