Weigel on Christophobia

“European high culture is, largely, Christophobic, and Europeans themselves describe their cultures and societies as ‘post-Christian,’” said Weigel, a senior fellow of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, in Washington, D.C.

“Why did so many European intellectuals deem any reference to the Christian sources of contemporary European civilization a threat to human rights and democracy?” asked Weigel, who was invited to speak by the Gregorian’s School of Philosophy.

“Was there some connection between this internal European debate over Europe’s Constitution-making and the portrait in the European press of Americans as religious fanatics intent on shooting up the world?” inquired Weigel.

His answer is that Europe is going through a grave cultural and moral crisis.

Code: ZE04121207
Date: 2004-12-12
George Weigel Says “Christophobia” Afflicts Europe

EXACTLY. They are subverting themselves, and don’t even know it.

I saw a good quote last week, attributed to Robt Frost: A liberal is someone who is so-broadminded that he won’t even take his own side in an argument.

Sounds like Europe doesn’t it. And like a lot of people here.

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