Weight loss and the bible


**Hello, does anyone know of a good book that deals with weight loss and exercise with a christian theme.
Thank you :slight_smile: **


I don’t know of any good books, but I’ll definitely be checking back to see if anyone else has a suggestion.

However, I do know that there is a Catholic weight-loss program out there called “The Light Weigh.” It’s something that you would start at your parish by first advertising, gauging interest, setting up a regular meeting, and paying a registration fee. The fee is around $125 I think (I looked into it once but never did it), but if you’re the coordinator and get a certain # of people signed up, your materials would be free. The meetings consist of viewing a video every week and then having a brief discussion I think.

Good luck, weight loss has been such a struggle for me. I’ll keep you in my prayers!

Jen Z.


Ooops, I forgot to post their website:


I heard about the program a while ago, and then they featured it on Life on the Rock (I get it on radio since we don’t have cable tv, so I’m assuming it was on the tv show as well) not too long ago also.

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