Weight Watchers Points Plus - who's on it?


I lost weight on the old points system but stopped my membership before Christmas. (I knew I was not going to follow the plan and didn't want to pay to gain weight :shrug: )

I gained back some weight and am signed up again for WW and the Points Plus system.

Do you like it? Is it easy to follow? Are you eating more fruits and veggies? What are some of your favorite recipes?


I'm "pretending" to be on WW - not doing so well but swear I'm going to get on the band wagon again here soon so I'm posting here to mark a place for others' tips and suggestions. Also, to invite you and any one else to join a Catholic Friends thread on the WW site. It's under the "make connections" forum on the WW boards. It's a wonderful group of prayerful and supportive Catholic WW's from all over. We're better at the praying than the WW'ing but it's a great place for support. We start a new thread daily so come find us!


I was on WW years ago and lost 26 pounds and felt and looked fabulous! Once I hit 6 weeks post partum I plan to join back up to help lose the rest of my baby weight and get back to my wedding weight. I really hope I like the new program!


My fiancee is in WW and she uses the Points Plus system and from what I can tell she loves it. I think it took her a little while to get used to how the new points are calculated and that portion sizes aren't always the same across both systems. Once she got over that little adjustment she loves it. She seems to be having some success with it too.



I tried WW but it didn't work well for me that and I couldn't afford the monthly cost any more. I have although started using sparkpeople.com. I joined at the beginning of the month but only really started using it this week. I know several people that have used this with great success. The best part it's totally free.

The trackers track food and exercise. You can choose to use their meal plans which include a shopping list or do your own meals and just track what you are eating.


Hubby and I just rejoined and found out about the new points plus plan. Boo Hoo. We liked the old plan. We're sticking with it for now. It worked fine for us before. Sigh! I'm looking forward to the heavenly banquet. The earthly one is flawed. Must be original sin.


I did very well on the old point system. When the new points were introduced I completely stopped losing weight. Nothing for 3 months. I then went back to the old points and have since lost weight again. I know that the new system does work for many people but there are also many of us who are dissappointed. I’m sticking to old points for sure.


Sugar is sugar, whether it’s from fruits or juice or whatever - you can’t eat unlimited sugars, even from fruits, and expect to lose weight.


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