Weird Al, anyone?

I had one of his CD’s for a long and enjoyed his music, but after checking “Permanent Record” out of the library a few times I am a bonafide Weird Al fan! I like his music because it’s funny, it puts you in a good mood when you sing along, and it’s very clean. Hard to find clean music now a days. Any other fans here? :slight_smile:

I love him—he totally cracks me up, and he can actually sing pretty well.

Every time I hear “King of Suede” I fall over. :thumbsup:

I’ve enjoyed him for years. We had him put on a show at a local parish festival a few years ago, and the police had to cordon off the streets around the parish grounds to control the crowd.

I had "Eat It’ as a 45 single. Huge fan of Weird Al’s UHF.

“Don’t you know the Dewey Decimal System???”

As a self-proclaimed geek-chick, I love his “White and Nerdy” video! One of my geeky guy-buddies said that at least half of those things described him (although he assured me that he does not have his name in his underwear! I’ll take his word for that), and that it was “nice to see the Schroedinger equation again.” NERD ALERT!!! NERD ALERT!!! :rotfl:

A couple of years ago when my older boys were smaller, we went to a street festival just to see Wierd Al perform. It was great seeing a lot of families with their children there, and he made it worthwhile, especially with the goofy costume changes! Definitely a clean act to let your kids watch and enjoy!

I had the good fortune of seeing Weird Al in concert about 16-17 years ago. It was a GREAT show!!! Now, my kids love his music. Anyone who can successfully pull off good musical parody has to be a much better than average musician to begin with – or it doesn’t work.

One of my sons has the entire DVD series of his (short-lived) TV show. Also, his movie “UHF” (filmed partially in Tulsa, OK while I was living there) is HYSTERICAL!!!

My DH absolutely LOVES Weird Al! When we got married, I got DH and his brother tickets to see him and they had a BLAST! He especially loved when Al dressed up as Yoda and sang about Star Wars! :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I read about him, he doesn’t drink, do drugs or anything like that - pretty family friendly IMO.

Yes, I had the pleasure of riding up to the Eucharistic Congress in a minivan with a group of cassocked young men whilst blaring “White and Nerdy” from one of the guy’s iPods through the van’s stereo this Saturday. I am also a fan of “Amish Paradise.”

Weird Al is a cultural treasure.
My son never heard of him until I showed him the Al’s Star Wars video & he loved it. Personally I like the Spiderman one better.

I just found Don’t Download this Song. I think I’ll post it in Moral Theology next time somebody posts about file sharing or downloading.

I’m only slightly familiar with Weird Al, though what I’ve heard I’ve found to be very funny (so White and Nerdy describes quite a few of the people I know in college, perhaps including myself, to unbelievable accuracy)…

On a related note (no pun intended) has anyone heard of the Catholic parodist Nick Alexander? He takes popular songs and parodies them with Catholic based lyrics…So “Should I Stay or Should I Go”, by The Clash, is “Should I Stand or Should I Kneel,” and “YMCA” is now “RCIA”.

I can imagine the last one, and I’m laughing without even hearing it.


Sounds like Alexander lives near me, Orange County, Calif.
“Bless me Father, for I have knelt.” :rotfl:
I’d like to hear this guy.

Oh man, I am a HUGE wierd al fan! when I was a young teen, my sisters and I sang “the white stuff” for a talent show. It’s all about eating Orio cookies! I love that song.

I love “white and nerdy” too. “I’m fluent in Java script as well as klingon” LOL!

I absolutely love all his star wars songs, too.

I met him in a swamp down in day-go-ba,
where the swamp bubbles all the time like a gient carbonated soda. S-O-D-A sooohhhdaaaah." :slight_smile: I love that song! :slight_smile:

Does he have any songs about star trek? I love star trek and he makes reference to trekkie geeks in a comple of songs, but it would be funny if he wrote a song just about star trek. :slight_smile:

While we’re on the subject…

A very good friend of mine performs in a band that regularly provides “warm-up band” duties for various big name acts (e.g. ZZ Top) as well as some “kinda” big name acts (e.g. Herman’s Hermits, the Ides of March, the Buckinghams - the “geezer rock” circuit, as they call it :smiley: ) at performances through the midwest. Usually, he and his band are allowed to enjoy back stage comeraderie with the headliners, and he has amassed a nice collection of photos, autographs, etc. throughout the years…

…all except for Weird Al.

My friend related that when he worked a recent show with Weird Al, security around Al was absolutely inpenetrable - even backstage! Al was ushered directly from his limo to the stage at showtime by a legion of burly bodyguards who immediately surrounded him and ushered him right back to the limo even as the last notes from his band still rang out. No photos, no autographs, no chit-chat, no nuthin’!

Hmmm :hmmm: … could it be that our friend Al may be a bit paranoid out of fear of possibly having offended someone throughout the years with one of his many parodies??? Just wonderin’…

Hmmm :hmmm: … could it be that our friend Al may be a bit paranoid out of fear of possibly having offended someone throughout the years with one of his many parodies??? Just wonderin’…

Maybe, but I do remember someone (a rockstar) saying that they knew they finally “made it” when Al parodied one of their songs. :slight_smile:

How old are you? My son was born in 1984, and when he was little bitty, he could sing all the lyrics to “Eat It.” “Get yourself and egg and beat it,” he used to sing…:slight_smile:

I miss those days!

Pretty sure that it was Nirvana.

But yeah, I love Weird Al. I’ve seen him twice in concert already, and I’d jump at another chance, if it came along.

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

I have a Nick Alexander CD, I’m sure his lyrics are very witty, but I couldn’t get past the fact that Nick Alexander doesn’t have a very good voice, at all. He’s a little flat, and not really super pleasant to listen to.

Weird Al, I like. I really like his Ode to a Superhero, and his Saga Begins.

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