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I hope this doesn’t seem stupid (it does in comparrison to most of these prayers here :slight_smile: ), but I often have trouble remembering things - like what I did with the battery charger or keys, and it causes a lot of trouble for me (not just for me, but for my family). I have been praying to not do things like losing things, and to remember things, but I am having trouble. if you have time, please say a prayer for me. Thanks!


Try repeating what you have to remember 3 times to yourself. It helps. Tim


Praying to St. Anthony for you.:gopray:




I have epilepsy and, as a result, have a variety of memory problems. They have made me crazy; made my loved ones angry and in-general made me feel a whole lot less than perfect.

When I am having yet another “memory problem”, I stop my frantic searching and I talk with God. He knows what I need to find and exactly where it is; He directs me to finding what I need in life.

It took me a very long time to realize I needed to listen for His answer.

Go with Love, Go with God


Praying to St Anthony…




I will pray for you Jenna.


I understand Jenna. My wife was born with some brain damage, and there are times when she her memory is terrible. She has improved a lot since we’ve been married, and I’m sure that God will help and guide you through this. I’ll be praying for you. :gopray:


I will certainly join in your prayer, and I have and even weirder one for you. I often start to look for something, and while rummaging through the drawer or closet, find a bunch of other stuff that needs attention, but of course, I have forgotten what I was looking for in the first place, Sooooo, I just ask St. Anthony to remember whatever it was and then find it form me. He always comes through. He also helps me when I am out driving and forget where I was going.


I said a prayer for you and asked St Anthony of Padua, the Patron of finding things, to help you.


Prayers to St. Anthony.


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