Weird question about convalidation


Does a convalidation have to take place in a Catholic Church?
Could we ask a priest to go another church building and do the short ceremony there?
The church I am thinking of used to be Catholic and is still an operating Church of England church, yet is open for tourism. Could we as a small party just go in, have the priest do the consent there and it would be valid?

I’ve always (since I was 15) had a hankering to be married in York Minster…right under the five sisters window. I’m a romantic, what can I say?:smiley:


A convalidation is a wedding. Therefore it is subject to the same norms and regulations that any other wedding has. In order to be married in a place not a consecrated church, you would need dispensation from the bishop and permission from the hosting party.


It is a consecrated church, still fully operational with regular services and with a parish.
It was built as a Catholic Church and remained so for 800 years. But was changed to the Church off England during the reformation…


Delta, could you find happiness in just having pictures taken under this swanky window?


Of course I could!
But, hey, it can’t hurt to ask.
I just though the priest my husband and I and the two witnesses might be able to just walk in and do the deed. The church is open to the public.


The priest would have to have permission from the bishop to marry you somewhere other than your parish church. Some bishops will give such permission, some do not. So, talk to your pastor.


I will, thanks!


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