Weird question about love

Is it possible for a person who wants to love, to be incapable of love?

If so, why would that be?

Can they learn to love?

Can they pray to love?

I know the questions are weird, as most of us know what love feels like to give and receive, yet there are some who seem to really want to love, yet don’t know how? :shrug:

God bless and thanks for any answers you can give.

I think most are capable of love but I can see where it might be hard for some to love especially if they grew up in a family that didn’t show much love, or they were abused. And then there are cases of kids who never bond with anyone in the first 2yrs of their life and because of that they have that attachment syndrome where they are incapable of sympathy or love and they hurt people with no remorse.

But there is a difference between being unable to love and just having a hard time **showing **love or expressing love. Do you mean being incapable of showing or expressing love or do you mean literally they don’t love?

Actually, the person said to me that they think they are a narcissist.
She’s in her early 20’s, and though I can see where she’s self absorbed, it doesn’t seem to be that bad. She has difficulty keeping friends, and well… I just don’t know.
She also had a close friend tell her that every time they got together, it was all about ‘her’.
But, she is heartbroken because she thinks she’s incapable of love, and wants to be able to love.

She gets impulsively loud and boisterous, and though she is working towards a future, she seems to be doing so more out of automatom than anything.
She does have some I can’t go into trauma in her past.

She isn’t Catholic btw, and has even questioned God’s existence.

I’d really like to help her, but having my own issues, feel like I can’t.

God bless.

First thing about love is to accept oneself as God made you. This is a tedious process in itself. It may take several years. But, as you accept yourself you start accepting others, too, as they are, and not as you think they should be.
I wonder, are you referring to sentimental love? Do you need to feel something for the other to consider it love?
True love is most of of the time devoid of sentiments. It is the very fallen nature of man to not feel love. Even if it starts as a feeling, and you get to be friends, at one point or another this feeling goes away. Love is a decision: I will love you no matter what, like Jesus does.
You know, we aren’t capable of much in this world, and especially love. The one thing I can recommend is that you pray and abandon yourself to the love of God. He will shape you in his image. And don’t be disappointed by failures, get up, shake the dust and continue. God bless!

LOL, it isn’t me. Though I must admit I have some issues of my own…

I do think part of the problem today is that so many are reliant on ‘feelings’ and little more.
They see those feelings as some kind of guide for what actions to take next, and if the feelings aren’t present, they aren’t sure what to do.

I’m not sure, considering her religious inclinations, or lack thereof, that I can get her to consider abandoning herself to God. It depends on what way the wind is blowing right now I guess.
She will be here later, so perhaps pray that I can reach out to her, and help guide her in the way God wants, she truly is heartbroken right now.

Thank you.
God bless.

Another way to ask this question is if the person is “incapable of being Holy.” The answer is no.

Sorry I didn’t mean to impose, I was referring in a general sense.
The best thing you can do for her is to stay with her and listen. Be there for her. :thumbsup:

Thanks, you did hit on several good points. She’s running late, so I’m going over your post again.
Please pray, I hate seeing her so upset and feeling so down about herself.

God bless.

Thank you. That is one that I need to keep in mind when feeling down.

God bless.

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