Weird question--relating to obituary I read today


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This might be an odd question, but here goes. I was reading an obituary yesterday–terribly sad story about one of the women who worked in my dd’s school cafeteria who died in a car accident last week. She was 38, and in the obit it stated all who survived her…my dd said she was divorced, and only 5 days away from getting her life insurance in place. I believe teachers were talking about this. So, the obit stated that she was survived by her mom, her daughters, etc…and then ‘her fiance (his name) and HIS sons…’ I didn’t know that one could list people who are not related, or married to the deceased person, in an obit. I was just wondering your thoughts on that? I know–weird question, and I’m not trying to analyze, but I just don’t ever recall reading an obit stating something like that. Just curious.

Please say a prayer for her family–it’s so sad:( …her dd’s go to school with my son.


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