Weird Scenarios

Let’s say a girl is seducing you and the door is locked. Can one in good concience jump out her window whilst breaking a few bones and her fly screen? I ask because I’m bored.

On average guys are physically stronger so even the worse case scenario can be resisted if the will remains strong.

And yes, at some point in life a woman or girl (depending on your age) will attempt to seduce you while blocking your egress so it’s not completely fear fetched.

LOL! Which floor are you on? :astonished:

Let’s do 3rd, just to make it interesting.

Yes. Jump. Don’t even think twice about it.


I won’t. Haha!

Rather than damaging a window, wouldn’t it be much safer just to break the lock on the door? Or use your charm and intelligence to get her to unlock it?

Do you possess charm and intelligence?

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No problems @ServusDei1 .

I’ll willingly come to your rescue . :wink:



Thank you! now I may be free and pursue chaste relationships!

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I possess much intelligence but no charm. I can’t talk to a girl without fainting or creating a medieval ballad about her.


I am kidding of course, I couldn’t approach one in the first place.

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How can you be bored when a girl is seducing you and you are jumping out of a window? That is both exciting and exiting.


I do not understand what is meant by this. Is this to say at some point every guy is seduced? Seems generalized

But one cannot deny that it happens a lot. Also, let’s try to keep this thread light-hearted.

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One should proactively keep repelling ropes and repelling spray for these occasions. Pepper spray works well. Also, some sort of air horn or even a foul smelling body spray could help. I hear AXE body spray works well in blinding people and sending them into olfactory arrest. Disorienting them until their prey can escape.

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