Weird signs the last few days


Hi there,

I am doing some writing and don’t think it is theologically sound. I had some odd things happen the last few days: two days ago, two lamps in my house blew out less than five minutes from each other. Today, earlier, I was witness to a car accident, an elderly woman spun completely out of control on a 45mph road and hit two cars, though no one thankfully was seriously hurt. I called 911 and was witness to the accident. Then, a couple hours after that, in my note pad file for the writing the phone got stuck on the number 6 and before I could stop the stuck phone it seeded and littered 6s and strings of 6s all over my notes.

Are these weird coincidences that normally happen to people? Or am I being warned that I am being bad or something? I am nothing resembling a bad person, but this is just bothering the heck out of me…

Thank you in advance for your help.


What do you mean by not “theologically sound”? Is there something in the content that makes you uncomfortable?


It’s more likely coincidence.
I had some thoughts that were similar.


Think about it. Why would lamps blowing out and witnessing an accident, (two things that happen all over the place every day,) be a sign that you are “bad?” That is illogical and it doesn’t mean anything. We all have bad days now and then. And that’s all they are.
Be at peace.


Why would you say that to someone?


You might like to have your house wiring checked.
Stuff happens ,but we just rule out normal natural occurrences and move on .
God bless.


Flag it as inappropriate. He likes to push the envelope alot. Mostly inappropriate comments…sad.


Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. >.< I think maybe I need to lay off the coffee.


Nothing to worry about … just normal occurrences that happen in a day to day life … be at peace.


I think you got some good answers, coincidently occurring events. And if you replaced these two light bulbs at the same time, they could burn out together once again.


Lightbulbs, fuses, tend to go out in clusters.

Coincidences. Do not fret about them. Pray for the injured in the accident and let it go to Jesus.


Derimed, the occurrences are as seemingly on the surface superficial. Though, as one of the previous posters pointed out, what jumps out at me too is the first sentence … writing something that is not theologically sound.

From reading your post, that is the key link that ties your current state with the events in your life (lamps, cars, etc.)

God’s providence works in many ways, known and unknown to us, I wouldn’t be so fast as to “chalk it up” to coincidence, though we would have to use our prudent judgement to determine the significance of the events. Even if they have or don’t have anything to do with anything, if we can participate and demonstrate God’s love in every instance (calling 911 and helping as a witness in this case), that’s providence enough.

From my perspective, you are leaving out the key link to the post … what are you writing that is theologically unsound?


Sounds like you’re just having a strange week. It happens. We don’t need blown out bulbs to know how we’re doing when a regular examination of conscience will do.


I once had a very superstitious roommate (of the granola crunchy, yogaphile, New-Age/Hippy, Burning Man variety) who would swear to me up and down that when multiple lightbulbs would go out simultaneously, or in rapid succession to one another, it must’ve been because of the seances she was having in her room. :roll_eyes: It didn’t matter how many times I reminded her that the lightbulbs always go out together since I usually change them together, and we tend to use them an equal amount. Oh no! It must’ve been because of her hippy nonsense.

OP: There is nothing extraordinary about lightbulbs burning out, witnessing an automobile accident, or your phone’s keyboard freezing/getting stuck on a particular character. Quit being so superstitious.


Make a slow serious sign of the cross and MEAN each word as you say them,

Say an Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be—slowly and meaning each word,

ask Father Son Holy Spirit, Mother Mary, all Holy Saints and Angels to surround and protect you from satan and all his evil ways today and always.

BE AT PEACE. OH if you can get some holy water and just bless yourself daily and your home.


By any chance is your mom a crazy religious lady who won’t let you attend the prom?


I have never seen an elderly lady spin out of control at 45mph.

Must have been a strange sight indeed! Lol


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