Weird signs.


Not truly sure if im called for a vocation but all these signs keep pointing to it. Like one day I was thinking about joining up but I felt unsure because of those around me. Then I turn on ewtn and the topic was vocations. What they said is if you feel the call you should go for it. Things like that keep happening. Its as if im being led to it but im truly not sure. Could this be my calling?


I seem to be getting that feeling alot, especially in these last few weeks, everything in my life in one way or another seems like it’s pointing me in the direction towards religious life.


I’ve had similar experiences, my story is in the “A little scared” thread. It’s common advice, but valuable- pray for discernment and find a spiritual director. :slight_smile:


Its interesting how others have expirienced the same. Perhaps it truly is the call for all of us.


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