Weird Thoughts keep coming in my head about God and truth


Last night I kept getting these obsessive thoughts in my head and they are still kind of lingering today.

The thought is

“God created existence and declared love and good deeds as the right thing to do, and evil and bad deeds as the wrong thing to do…so just because he thinks that, doesn’t mean its true and I have to follow it”

I’m trying to get away from this mindset, and it seems to go against logic as well, but for some reason I keep getting tempted with these thoughts.

Any advice?


Some people have obsessions. These can be about religion, God, or anything, and the thoughts can actually be even deeply upsetting. As a result, some are tempted to resist the obsessions, but resisting them typically only helps them gain yet more momentum.

Generally more helpful is to try to ignore them. If they are crossing a line of some kind, are just too much, counseling and/or medications can be helpful for some.

There is even a group on Catholic Answers, dedicated to obsessions. One could seek support from there, as well.

I believe support groups, also, exist, in addition, possibly even near you.

You aren’t the only person who has had this, though. That I can definitely assure you. You’re not alone, and if you so choose, there is help available.

Best of luck in whatever you decide. God bless you! :thumbsup:


Seek spiritual counsel and if you have intrusive and compulsive thoughts often, please also talk to a mental health professional.


For the next few moments --try real hard NOT to think of an Apple.

then scroll down.

What did you think of?

An apple.

Even though your will was against it -you did not want to think of an apple.

The best thing to do with such thoughts is not to fight them directly --not fear that they will come—simply do not consent and simply and calmly turn to something else…(or it may be best to keep doing the good thing one is doing…like they come out of the blue when your at work …keep working…keep praying …etc)

Ignore such unwanted thoughts like one would ignore a hissing goose or a barking dog. One does not stop to argue with a hissing goose or a barking dog does one? No one keeps on walking…


On one program, she kept telling a child NOT to think of pink bunnies, no matter what… NOT to think of them. Sure enough, that’s what she thought of! This strategy was used to help get her mind off of something else.


Saying short prayers such as “Precious Blood of Jesus, Purify me”, Blessed Mother, I place myself in your Immaculate Heart, is good spiritual warfare against being tempted with those thoughts.

I am sure you know of many other ways of prayer - reading and meditating on scripture, the rosary, etc.


I guess I should have been more clear on the context of my question.

I meant to ask “Why should we trust that what God says is true, right, and wrong” is to be believed and followed just because he created existence?

Not so much the act of resisting a temptation. But to answer that question that keeps being asked in my head that will put an end to it.


Often: Such thoughts are to be dismissed – not answered.

“I believe!” (credo)

Then turn to something else.


Are love and good deeds the right thing to do because God thinks that or is there some other reason? What are the results of love? What is the fruit of good deeds? What is the product of bad deeds? Are not good deeds beneficial to us and our fellow humanity? Is not love good for us and those around us? Are not bad deeds detrimental to us and those around us either now or in the future or both? So is love and good deeds the right thing because that is what God thinks or because that is what is good for us and God loves us so He desires what is good for us? He desires that we know what is good for us so He works to communicate this through His Word and His Church so we don’t have to discover everything on our own through our own reason. Which is fortunate since few of us take the time or make effort to reflect on what is actually true and beneficial.


I think my problem lies in this:

Some things that help me are:

  • God is the fullness of the truth so if he says something is true, I should believe it because if it is just his personal belief, he is not the fullness of the truth.

  • God created logic, what is true and false, reason, and my ability to even have these thoughts.

  • What he commands is for my benefit.

  • If I obey his commands, I will live in eternal bliss after I die and I will never have troublesome thoughts like these again…If I don’t obey what he commands, I will spend an eternity in hell, so choose wisely.

  • God’s thoughts and logic are ridiculously more advanced than mine, so I should trust his judgements.

…but then this obsessive thought will say “So what? ‘Truth’ is a very strange and abstract thing when you think of it anyway”

I’m not saying I believe this, but my body and emotions (feelings of anxiety and insecurity) are not cooperating with what I actually believe. Its annoying.

  God knows Himself perfectly and knows perfectly all that He creates; it's simply an effect  and sign of the twist in our inherited nature, broken by original sin, that echoes the doubt which prompted them to act against God. It's clearly not a thought which can lead to any act done in humility or obedience; it can only prompt you to act against the highest recognition in your own soul, the recognition that God's omniscience is at once with his omni generosity in giving us both our very being, in knowing that being with its freedom to choose His will I n preference to its own will. 

When the thought intrudes, meditate on Jesus’ Passion, His acceptance of the difficult path when His human nature was trembling in terror - enter Gethsemane with your heart and mind and this thought will lose substance.


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