Hi friends,
i had a strange dream two days ago,Though i wasn’t completely asleep, i had this weird moment where i could not move any of my limbs,couldn’t act or do anything to help myself in this dream. In that lying position all i could do was screaming: JESUS,JESUS,JESUS… My voice didn’t sound audible but my mind was saying JESUS for like about five times then i got relieved and woke up. In this battle i could see a bat which i don’t think is friendly at all.
I pray even though sometimes i do not focus but i do implore Jesus daily. i prayed last night and sprinkled holly water all over the house and chose to sleep with my rosary wrapped around my wrist. This morning when i woke up the cross on my rosary was broken i.e the top part. I am freaking out because i don’t know what is happening in my life. I am a fervent christian and i belong to a prayer group. Are there any suggestions. Thank you and stay Blessed.

What sort of things are happening in your life, outside these odd occurrences when partly asleep?


The paralyzing phenomenon you experienced is called sleep paralysis, where, in the moments as you are either falling asleep or waking up, you find yourself unable to move. I don’t know all about why it happens, but I do know that what it is has to do with what happens when we sleep. When someone falls asleep, their body goes into a “dead weight” mode, relaxing all the muscles so that when you dream you don’t move around and wind up hurting yourself. With sleep paralysis, however, this happens just before or after the person is asleep, which is out of the ordinary, and can cause many people to panic. And since it happens in the moments when one is not fully sleep or awake, one can experience hallucinations from a dream they have had or are entering into, such as the bat you saw.

I have had this happen to me from time to time, except I usually see a hand or face coming down from the ceiling at me.

The opposite of this phenomenon is commonly called sleep walking or talking, where the body isn’t fully paralyzed and so when the brain acts out things within a dream, the person’s body will react. For some this means they talk in their sleep, others get up and walk around or move around in their bed. Also, when your body starts to become paralyzed when trying to get to sleep, and you are on the verge of sleeping, but not quite sleeping yet, your body will typically get that sensation that it is falling, and the body response with trying to wake itself by causing you to jerk.

Since we aren’t allowed to give out medical advice, per say (if this qualifies), I would talk to a sleep therapist if you don’t want this to happen again. But, if this doesn’t happen often, I wouldn’t worry about it.

The only suggestion I’ll give you is that during your bed-time prayers (if you do them, if not, start, as it is highly recommended) you also pray for your safety while sleeping and that you don’t experience sleep paralysis while either waking or falling sleep.

Yes, this sounds like sleep paralysis. I used to experience it about once a year, from childhood until about five years ago, after which it has seemed to stop.

In all but one case that I experienced, there was a feeling of a deep, terrifying, viciously malevolent evil being physically present nearby, invisible or moving under the covers or sitting on the other side of the bed, that kind of thing. The last time it was not invisible at all, but I would rather not talk about it.

Certainly sleep paralysis seems to have a natural medical explanation. Basically some parts of the brain are awake while others are asleep. I would not automatically discount the traditional belief that demons are involved, though. Maybe they take the person’s weakened state as an opportunity to terrorize the person a bit.

Or maybe the phenomenon really is entirely natural. Either way I would pray that it not happen again and then try not to worry about it, as it is out of your control. (Actually, I believe they do make a medication for people who experience this regularly. You could ask a doctor about it, though I don’t think it is usually given if you only experience this on rare occasions.)

I would also think about how you are feeling these days. Sometimes emotions are expressed through dreams.

I thank you guys for the advice. It is good to know that other people besides me had this experience. bzkoss236, i really appreciate your explaination. :byzsoc:

I get sleep paralysis a little too often for my taste. The first experience scared the HECK out of me. I felt an “evil” presence right out of my line of sight and a sinister voice say “You’re mine, now.” It happened two other times within the next few months, though no voices.

Not being able to move or talk or get peoples attentions has been one of my worst fears since I was little. I used to get dreams where I was in a glass room with other kids and then a bad guy would pop up and start tormenting us. There were adults on the other side of the glass but they weren’t paying attention…nor could they hear my screams or me pounding on the glass. Sleep paralysis reminds me of these childhood nightmares…so it’s not pleasant on any level for me. I get them once every 4 or 5 months now. I’m married now (unlike when they first started), so I always try my hardest to jerk myself out of the dream. I also try to whimper or make ANY noise so I can hopefully wake my husband up so he can rescue me. Hasn’t worked yet :confused:

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