i have been noticing that for sometime now whatever i even think in the smallest part of my heart is coming true… i have been wanting to do somethings and it is just happening…
if i feel like eating something or going somewhere… it just happens and it has been happening ever since i have given up my life to the Lord… just asked him to show me the right way and give me the right insight…
i have also been praying the rosary for 27 days now as part of the 54 day novena and somehow i think that has a lot to do with it too…

any of you have this kind of an experience??

it is kind of making me nervous now as everything that i wish for is coming to pass… and i have given my marriage into HIS hands as well… asking HIM that if HE wants, he can bring it back together so it is really up to HIM… it also makes me feel that maybe i am not praying hard enough for my marriage or i just dont want it restored otherwise HE would have restored it for me already!!!



I have experienced what you speak of. I must congratulate you on sharing such a personal experience, because I never told anyone while I was experiencing it.

Its hard to say why this might be happening, I have been trying to figure it out myself. I did come up with a few possible explanations for it though. The way that I experienced it was that all I had to do was think about praying for something and before the prayer was even started I had what I was going to ask for. It may be that you have some how totally opened yourself up to God’s will and truly surrendered your own. When I experienced this it seemed like my mind had somehow become one with God’s. I was always told that if you asked for things in God’s will you would get it.

Another possibilty that I came up with is that God is just giving a time of special grace. He may just want you to experience His presence and power in a special way. It showed me how close God is to each one of us. He knows what we need before we even know ourselves.

He may also be preparing you for something that is to come. When I struggle to keep my faith, times like the one you are experiencing help me to keep trusting in God.

When I experienced this I became very afraid of it. It did not seem right that I should recieve things before I even thought about praying for it. Hind-sight showed me that it was God moving in a special way in my life. It is alot of responsibility to have a gift like that, try not to be afraid of it and use it wisely. :slight_smile:

Did you recently have a deep conversion experience?

Let me know how this works out for you.

Mystical experiences are tough enough top explain face to face let alone through a keyboard, so I hope this helps you some.

God Bless,


Keep praying the Rosary. Guard your heart and be careful about what you desire.

I find it difficult to realize and know for a fact that Mary, Jesus and God are very real (and Catholic). I didn’t know and then I went through RCIA.

There are so many moral requirements that I had already failed and become hopelessly entangled with. It reminds me of how I was already stuck in a corner for punishment in sixth grade – a few minutes before the first day of class even began.

I even sometimes question whether I need psychiatric help (how else can I explain away coincidental circumstances which have no other possible explanation other than Mary personally getting involved in my life).

Praying the Rosary and drawing near to Mary bring comfort and peace.

Thankfully, I am confident that Jesus and Our Lady do not give us more than we can handle. So take comfort in that too.

Mothers tend to be very pleased and get very involved with baby’s first … (anything). If I had become a Catholic at a much earlier age, I might not have noticed during my many first baby steps. But since I was already about 50 years old, I did notice Mary’s presence on several firsts.

The first time I prayed the whole Rosary (all mysteries) from memory – even though they were out of order. I had done Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous in the same order as I read in a book. I sensed Mary’s presence in the very last decade of praying. And I realized it would be better to do Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful then Glorious.

My first visit to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception – Mary was near.

The first time I knealt before the Blessed Sacrament to do Eucharistic Adoration was also a time Mary was very near.

A little over two years ago, I went to the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes (at the National Shrine – Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC). I wrote down the prayer on the kneeler (incorrectly). I didn’t know it yet at that moment, but It was going to be the first time I prayed a novena – “Novena Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes”. Like I say, I had written the prayer down wrong and it was poorly incomplete. Our Lady saw to it that I was given the correct prayer on a prayer card immediately after I got up to leave the chapel. Our Lady answered everything I wanted in that first Novena. I thought getting the answers to that prayer was like riding in a Cadillac. It was a special experience. And that novena led to other things that have helped me to learn about Our Lady’s virtues.

So if this is the first time you’ve tried the novena you are doing right now, “baby’s first steps” is possibly a good explanation of what is going on. Mary is encouraging you in something that she wants you to learn and something she wants to become a part of your life.


i dont know whether i have gone through a conversion experience… i am going through a divorce and it has been very traumatic…
for 5-6 months i was constantly praying and felt God going further and further away from me… then i had a period of total dryness where i could not even pick up the Bible or say the rosary… would find myself holding the rosary wanting to say it but could not…
and then i slowly started saying it and reading the bible…

i do know that what u r saying is true about totally giving in to God’s will…

***It may be that you have some how totally opened yourself up to God’s will and truly surrendered your own. When I experienced this it seemed like my mind had somehow become one with God’s. I was always told that if you asked for things in God’s will you would get it. ***

i dont know when that happened but it has and i am not trying to push anything… everytime i even think about doing anything, i just say to HIM i am leaving it in your hands and am not going to push it… somethings have not happened even though i have been trying and i have been able to let go without regret and remorse… its truly amazing and I am now able to truly understand the peace that comes from giving it up into HIS hands… and trusting the inner voice…
and like you have mentioned i havent been praying for it… its just a wish in my heart and it comes forth… how amazing is that!!!

one thing troubles me though… you said that God was preparing you for something… what was it… if it is not too personal a question and if you are not comfortable answering on the forum but can tell me via PM please do so… i am just trying to decipher this…


Perhaps great consolation comes at this time because of the great trials or because you will need the present encouragement at a later time when difficulties may otherwise be a bit much for you.

If you cannot pray the Rosary, at least hold it in your hand. When I hold the Rosary in my hand, it is my childish way of saying to mother Mary that I want you to hold my hand. I think she understands, so that is why I am comforted.

I have two children. My son Joshua didn’t want to be held much as a baby. My daughter Jayanna would often cry if she was not held, rocked or given attention. Of course, I want to love both the same. I felt closer to Jayanna because she wanted me to hold her so much. Perhaps this is also true with Mary. The more we want her closeness and want her as a child wants his/her mother, the more that Mary will respond as a mother to us.



When I mentioned that God may be preparing you for something in the future it was just a thought. At times in my life when faith is running a little low and God does not feel close by, I can think back on the times when He was sensibly close. Meaning that my senses could recognize His presence. I know that we are supposed to live by faith and not by “sight”, but that is easier said than done at times. Thinking back on the times when we feel His presence can be of great comfort.

It sounds like you have already experienced enough hardship with going through your divorce. Its speculation on my part, but maybe there is going to be some more difficult times in your life when this experience will bring you great comfort remembering how close God is to you now becasue He is always that close.

I was very close to Mary at the time I experienced what we are discussing. I wonder what this is called? hmm. It does sound like it may have a Marian connection.

God Bless,

P.S.: please pray for me, I should be entering the seminary this Fall.:slight_smile:


will be praying for you…

I think there must be a Marian connection too… :slight_smile:


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