Welcome cultural changes, diversity, Pope urges Roman university students [CC]


“Migrations are not a danger, but a challenge to grow,” Pope Francis said in a February 17 meeting with students at Roma Tre University.



This is a great message. For too long (since at least 451) Christendom has been divided by cultural and ethnic differences. May our generation make real advancement in uniting in communion across all cultural and ethnic heritages.


Huh…Germany is so unwelcoming of the cultural changes in their country after absorbing 1.5 million muslims that they are paying them money to leave.

I would never welcome cultural changes that would dilute my native culture and that of those who went before me.


I think that the Pope can easily dismiss the individual culture of each country because he never experienced being a member of a monoculture. As the child of second generation immigrants he was not Italian, nor was he fully Argentinian. When I visited Argentina, as an Italian, I noticed there was a lot of resentment against Italian immigrants, some second generation and third, who still spoke a heavily accented Spanish. The Pope himself has now lived in Italy for four years, but his Italian seems to have gotten worse. It is amazing that he considers himself fluent in Italian, a language he speaks at best at grade school level. So the Pope really can’t understand why people don’t want to lose their traditions and values to immigrants because he doesn’t seem to have fully embraced any one culture, something common to a lot of children of immigrants.

What I find ironic is that he is able to blithely gloss over the teachings of Jesus when it comes to adultery and other sexual sins, but expects everyone to accept literally the teachings which touch on the refugee crisis. My opinion is he won’t be able to have it both ways and he is in danger of losing the last vanguards of Catholicism in Europe. His popularity in Italy has been steadily eroding as people see their towns devestated and the unemployment of the young continually rise. Hungary and Poland have begun to just ignore him. Their attitude is that he is expressing personal opinion and they don’t have to agree with it.

I think the Dalai Lama had a more realistic view of the immigrant crisis, which is probably why he has been ignored by the globalist left.

"Speaking to reporters in the de facto capital of Tibet’s exiled government, he said: “Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country,” in an interview with German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “Germany is Germany. There are so many that in practice it becomes difficult.”




Boy I would sure love it if the messaging could maybe take on a little diversity, can’t deny that. Let some fresh air in. Little broader perspective…


Native American culture has been diluted by invaders along with Aboriginal Australian native culture, Native Canadian culture etc etc etc…perhaps this is the modern version of what happened to them.


That wasn’t done by near-sighted liberalism in the same vein as promoting abortion and gay marriage.


What does that have to do with the OP? The Pope is addressing migrant diversity not gay marriage or abortion.


Your post suggested that the same thing happened centuries ago but it was a completely different circumstance. Today, it is the result of left-wing liberalism that seeks to pour a multitude of people from different faiths, practices and cultures together to create the idea of the great melting pot of people, regardless as to the horrendous consequences that await the host country. There is a reason why Germany wants them to go. I never had much use for the dali lama but he is right, Germany needs to be German, not transformed into a little slice of the middle east in Europe.


It’s up to Germany to decide what society it wants. Everyone else needs to mind their own business. The German people have democratically voted in successive governments who support immigration. They obviously want it otherwise they would not have voted in governments who support large scale muslim immigration.


Really? So, why is the German government considering literally paying hard cash to leave?


Hard cash to leave what…the earth, Europe, this dimension?


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