We'll cut off Ukraine's gas supply from next month, says Putin



*]President Putin warned that Kiev’s gas bill had reached £2.2billion
*]He said from start of June Moscow would switch to pre-paid deliveries
*]First warned of the move in April in a letter to European leaders


Regardless of what we might think about Putin’s move on the Crimea, the Russians have a right to get paid for the gas they’ve been supplying. 2.2 billion British pounds is a lot of money.

I don’t think we know the full story about the Ukraine, the Crimea and Putin’s interference. There is obviously a lot of pro-Russian sentiment in the disputed (Eastern) territories. Even the Crimea was simply handed to Ukraine by Nikita Kruschev as a gift in 1954, regardless of what the people actually wanted.

Incidentally I personally think Kruschev engineered Kennedy’s assassination, but that’s a different topic.

I lifted the following extract from the attached link -


Is the (Ukrainian) government anti-Russian?

Part of the problem is that the government sworn in last week had little connection to Ukraine’s more Russophile east. One of its first actions was to repeal a 2012 law recognising Russian as an official regional language. The decision was widely criticised across Ukraine.

I think the West should keep out of it, except to guarantee that if Ukraine proper is invaded, it will respond with force.


Is the natural gas industry in Russia nationalized/socialized (not really sure of the right terminology)?


Putin is a terrorist and dictator. As for the Kennedy assassination: that was from within our own Government and had to do with his sanctions against the big oil companies. If any leader had anything to do with it you should consider Nixon not Krushcev. Why do you think Oswald got shot? He did not act alone so he had to be silenced. Oswald was a pawn and nothing more.


Doubt the communists were directly linked to Kennedy’s murder, nor Big Oil. Either Oswald did it to impress Fidel Castro in order to grant him passage to Cuba (which is feasible), or the Mafia assassinated Kennedy (as revenge for Bobby’s attacks on organized crime) and then silenced Oswald. Those are the options which had the most possibility of happening, in my opinion.

Back on topic, Putin has already doomed the Russian economy. Due to all the sanctions from the west, the Russian GDP will decline by 10%. Unless Putin’s ultranationalism succeeds in rallying the Russian people (which is what Stalin used for his Five Year Plans: Stakhanovism), Putin will suffer worse approval ratings than Yeltsin and will be forced to step down.


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