Well, I suppose this is one way to deal with adultery


Now this is a man who wants to save his marriage.


Or something. :shrug:


It should have said: "I cheated and I’M SORRY!!!"
Not “this is my punishment” that just makes his wife sound bad.


She is going to put in through the ringer in divorce court. What an idiot.


I saw that on the news last night. What a maroon. Why do so many people feel the need to air their dirty laundry in public? We’re becoming a society of exhibitionists. They’d probably go on Dr. Phil, too.


Remember Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story about the scarlet letter? Maybe his wife read the book and came up with this idea of public humiliation.


That’s just plain weird. No sex for two years would be WAY more productive…


I saw him! He didn’t look too happy, I’ll tell you.

There is a lot to say for public repentance.


*I would be embarassed, no correction…MORTIFIED if everyone in the town knew my husband cheated. :frowning: For myself, for my kids…people don’t think about these things. I also wonder if it’s for a stunt to be on tv…and then be on the news shows, I wouldn’t doubt that, either Fickle! LOL

Oh well, hopefully he won’t cheat again. *


Oh well, people know my ex cheated. His problem, not mine! I didn’t make him stand in the public square, because I’m trying to protect our children.


*Yeah, it’s one thing for people you know to find out…family, friends…but to be put it in the public square…that’s what I meant. I’m so sorry that was done to you…btw. :frowning: *


I guess we have gone back to the days of penance done in the hair shirt. I will say this - I wouldn’t worry about the dirty laundry being aired in public - usually the wife is the last to know - including the kids. He deserves the humiliation and if he is willing to go through something like that he must really love his wife. Besides no sex for two years hurts both in the marriage not just him. Sex is not just for the men.


That’s a little too serious for me in light of the absurdity of the situation. His infidelity is not the only problem this couple has.


Point taken ff, but hey we are not them and I hope they have garnered many prayers.


In the Style section of today’s Washington Post this is desribed as a hoax by a local radio station.


Not surprising. A hoax for what purpose?


It was a hoax for ratings and publicity.


Publicity for the station; the knowledge that they got one over on the reporters.


Yep, I just heard this on the radio this morning. :rolleyes:


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