Well looks like god wants me to continue joining the CC... I made the 6 o'clock tv news!

They just showed pictures from the Melbourne Ecumenical Good Friday march I went to with my dad before Mass. I happened to marching right next to the Cross! I saw that camera and I didn’t know they were filming!

This went across all the news networks(it was a Channel 9 news camera, and i saw it on SBS!), and probally went nation wide, infact defiantly(SBS only has national news bullitins). Boy I was dressed badly!

Umm actually this is quite embarrassing, but also uplifting. Now I’m gonna be known as the Religious dude even more at my tafe film course…

How exciting :wink:

:cool: :thumbsup:

God Bless

Oh that was you!!! hehehehe

I did see it on Channel 9 news, so I guess I saw you then

Definitely a sign

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