Well, my son is gone and the bullying continues

First, my son did great in his Honors Geometry final. Final grade was an A. He likes his cyber school, and he has enjoyed it so far this week. Sadly, the 5 good friends he made are being pressured by the two female bullies to get my son to date (read: fool around) with them. My son’s friends know his feelings about these girls, so now ISIS and Sandy Hook rumors are circulating. Here is where the poor social skills come in. He doesn’t know to tell his friends to stop. He wants more information, which makes things worse. Now, with the Church crisis, I doubt the schools will shape up anytime soon (there’s also a problem in our grammar school).

I just want to stick my head in the sand to keep me from hearing it. And sadly, I cannot find a Catholic therapist around me. Any advice would be great.

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How are you hearing about all this?

ISIS and Sandy Hook?

I am going to suggest you get some help yourself, to deal with what you have experienced.


There is something very, very wrong here. It’s not normal for these two girls to be so obsessed with your son. Now they’re bullying friends he made in cyberschool? How would they even know? Maybe I misunderstood that part, but overall, the whole situation with them is just beyond wrong and bizarre.


Oh, I get help every week.

One is oversexed. The other, we are convinced, truly has severe mental issues.

They know my son’s close friends because the friends formed a kind of pod…in class and in lunch. They were not into a lot of the BS of the freshman class.

Part of my sadness is that I am really in the grief part of my mom’s death. Also, pain from my shattered tibia doesn’t help.

Thank you.

My son’s friends text him. Since he is Aspie, he doesn’t know when to say I don’t want to hear it.

No…these are friends from last year at his old school. Not cyberschool.

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Trust me, I need the help to help me and him.

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have you had a discussion with your son about this?

do you know his friends? do you know their parents?

do you know the parents of those two girls?

when I was growing up, poor behaviour by children was disclosed to their parents. I think it’s gotten to this point. if you are well-acquainted with his other friends, then I think it would be a good idea to step in and say something.

our current world has gotten way too tolerant of unacceptable behaviour. it doen’st matter what the reason is, those girls need some serious professional help and it has to stop with the harassment of your son


It’s not being a “good friend” to obsessively repeat every negative thing one hears about someone. The “friends” could let this gossip die with them, but they insist on bringing it to your son over and over again. I would advise your son to tell them to stop sharing this information with him. He doesn’t what to know what the crazy girls are doing or saying. It doesn’t help him in anyway to know and it’s upsetting his mother.


Then you as a Mom go to his friends parents and explain that the texting him about this stuff needs to stop. If it doesn’t you take the phone and you block the numbers.You also contact a lawyer or the police…it is obviously harrassment.


Take away the ability to receive the text messages.


OP said in a previous thread that the bully has been spreading rumors that her son is a terrorist. I think that was what she was referring to.

Someone would have to lacking in common sense in order to find that even plausible.

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I think cyberschool is good. How many times I would have liked to homeschool, but it was not an option at the time.

At least your son doesn’t have to seethese kids. If he doesn’t have to see them, he could ignore them online.

for charity’s sake, please don’t dismiss the op’s concerns. you’d be surprised at the outrageous things people say these days. also, that’s how a lot of bullies get away with it, ecause people don’t believe the victims


you need help such that you stop thinking about these children

You have called a girl

and another

these are children.

In my opinion you need to step back, stop having any dialogue with any of these kids about the others.

especially talking with children about other children you are all discussing as over sexed

If you are getting help, please have a chat to that help about why you are still for want of a better word,

allowing this to consume you

do you see how calling children over sexed and discussing this with other children is a no go zone.

The catholic church is in a huge scandal at the moment about historical child abuse.

Please stop contributing to it with discussions like this

also I really believe you need to chat with your help about


I would be very concerned if anyone is talking “terrorism.”

Is there ANYONE you can talk to about this? A lawyer? Your alderman?

Teens bullying about sex and dating is one thing–it’s just stupid teenage behavior that has been happening for decades. The 1930s teenage mystery novel that I’m reading has sections where the teen girls tease each other about dating certain boys.

But teens accusing other teens of terrorism is not acceptable. It’s just plain dangerous these days.

I fear that if you talk to the police, it would backfire, and the politce would start watching your son instead of his accusers.

I think–I fear–that if anything happens in your city, your son could be on the radar, and even if he was sitting in church surrounded by hundreds of people who saw him sitting and praying during an actual violent incident outside the church–he and your family could still face months of inquiry and suspicion.

So I’m stumped. I think you should tell someone in authority what is being said about your son. But I’m not sure who! I’m sorry. :sob:

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