Well one absolutley POSITIVE about being in Louisiana


I KNOW we have the heat, humidity, mosquitos, creepy & slithery crawlers, hurricanes and bad roads BUT we have DELICIOUS FOOD!

Hubby and I did a short little road trip this morning to stock up on meat. The freezer was getting bare. There are many different Specialty Meat places here in south Louisiana. The place we went to has fresh cut meat of all kinds but also pre-seasoned, cut, stuffed packaged meat to sell as well. Hubby wanted boudin so we got a couple of pounds----PHEW had a little kick but it was so good. Hadn’t had boudin in a while. Now we’re set for a while with meat in the freezer. CEST BON/That’s GOOD!

So if y’all come to south Louisiana don’t forget to try some of the specialty meat places we have here. It’s WORTH it.


From the few times I have been in Southern Louisiana and really interacted with the people, I would say the culture and love of life is a huge positive (along with the food).


See what I mean about the creepy crawlies:


Yes we do value Faith, Family and Friends here. We enjoy the blessings we have and what we’re given.


@CajunJoy65 How do you rate the red beans and rice at Popeye’s? When I was in school in Mobile, AL, it was a staple for me, but once I got back out west, it wasn’t that good. I’ve had a hankering for some lately.


One time, I got as close to Louisiana as Houston, Texas, but I had to turn back. The pull of California was just too strong.


One of the best things I ever ate was red fish cooked in a brown paper bag. This was in Mobile, but I think it’s a southern LA thing.

We’d head over to Nawlin’s occasionally for concerts, art museums and, of course, the Mardi Gras.


And, just so you all know, Mobile had the first Mardi Gras. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would love to visit Louisiana and do a bit of traveling in the south and west, trying different foods along the way. What impressed me so much when I first came to where I am, you didn’t really need to lock your doors - then, but things change. Still, most people are open, friendly and helpful. My traveling days seem to be over due to health and pain. But traveling to Louisiana would be on my bucket list if I were to indulge in one. I love good meats and cheeses. I might even try Louisiana Crocagator.


It’s pretty good—that is hubby’s side when we go there.


I don’t hunt or fish but from those who do I hear the hunting and fishing here is AMAZING! It’s like a whole BIG thing they get ready for, do and then clean and freeze the rewards.


Side? That was a meal for me. If I was feeling wealthy I’d add sausage.


I will try to get some pork cracklings from one of those specialty meat places that have an online presence. Seriously, that stuff is as addicting as crack.

I also am a huge jazz fan.


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