Well prepared people friendly waffer biscuit


Can you please explain to me what an iligimate ritual is?

You know, it is very interesting that the critics of the early Christians leveled this charge. I wonder why? :shrug:

Hmmm. Wonder how you saw that,revmarty…
Wonder if you know how shallow the water in the Jordan is…


I found this thread from new posts, and the misspelling of the word “waffer” had me thinking that it was a joke thread, referring to that restaurant scene in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. The waiter (John Cleese) was trying to convince an ultragluttonous morbidly obese man (Michael Palin? Hard to tell under the fat costume) to have a dessert mint.

"It’s waffer thin!"

I won’t describe what happens next.

Eating Christ (as He commanded) isn’t difficult.

***“It’s waffer thin!”



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