Wells Fargo pushing homosexual agenda?


I don’t quite know why I am posting this but, here goes. Has anyone been bombarded by this Wells Fargo YouTube ad where a Hispanic man is transferring funds to his “amor” who turns out to be another man? I’m just curious as to what approach other Catholics take to dealing with ads like this. I tried to call Wells Fargo, but when I got transferred to the sweet young lady who wanted to help me I froze and hung up. I’m sorry if this seems like a rant. I’m just wondering what I should do.


If you want to be taken seriously write a letter to Wells Fargo. Please don’t call them and divert resources away from customers who need help with their accounts, etc. I wouldn’t send an email either; it’s too easy for anyone with a keyboard to click on an email link and send off an incoherent diatribe so emails are not taken as seriously, if at all.

Or you might write to YouTube if you are getting the same ad over and over. I would avoid the use of the word bombarded though. You literally are not being bombarded, it just feels like that to you.

Whatever action you decided to take, please be respectful.


Relax. Their agenda is business…I think they are marketing to a segment of the population that is not in the normal demographic. I really doubt the rational is to promote homosexuality…banks don’t care who sleeps with who, they just care about who borrows money from them and pays for their services.




“Pushing?” No. Recognizing the reality of, and basing a business decision on that, yes.


I haven’t seen that particular ad.


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