Went to 1st Mass today

I went to Mass today, my first time ever. I’m…confused, excited, interested, well you name it, I have pretty much felt it.
They sang a song during the Lord’s Supper that made me cry, I watched and listened and looked around.
I’ve never been in a church where these was so much…participation between the congregation and the Preacher (yes I know he was a Priest, but thats not what I’m used to) I think I’ll be going back again.
I think the biggest problem I’m going to have to overcome is my understanding of the place Mary holds in your belief system.
I’m hoping ya’ll will help me with that!

That’s wonderful!! Do you know the name of the song?

If you have the opportunity, you might also want to go to a daily mass. Usually there is less singing, but you can focus on the actual rite better because of fewer distractions. (I recommend this to everybody :slight_smile: )

Catholics revere (not worship) Mary as the Mother of God. This doesn’t mean that we think she “created” God (she didn’t), but that Jesus IS God and Mary was the mother of Jesus.

And Jesus, as a sinless example for us to follow, took the commandment “Honor your father and your mother” seriously. As he honored his mother Mary, so too we also honor Mary.

We believe that Mary is the Woman of Genesis 3:15 as well as the Woman of Revelation 12:1. And that she “intercedes” with her Son on our behalf (as she did at the wedding at Cana).

The subject of Mary is very popular on Catholic websites (no surprise there). We could go on for hours, or days, or months…

It might be best if you ask specific questions, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of good answers!

Scott Hahn’s book “Hail Holy Queen” is excellent and helped this convert out :thumbsup:

How very exciting! I know God is pleased, he loves you so much. He wants to give you the sacraments.

What prompted you to go? Tell me more…

Someone else recommend the same book, I’m planning on getting it thanks!

Ahhhh the song was about, Ohhhhh Be Not Afraid, is that right?

Kahlan929 - I wish I could have sat with you and been present at your first Mass that gave you so many feelings of awe.
Yes, the songs make me cry too and sometimes I am lost in the wonder and spiritualness of the Catholic Mass. You feel so close to Christ and His Angels.

If your Church has a statue of the Blessed Mother it someimes helps to imagine how perfect and sinless she was - The Mother of Our Savior. Understand what she went through knowing all she knew about her Beloved Son and what they suffered during His 33 years on earth. Since Kodak was not around during the time of Christ, we have these beautiful images that represent the Holy Family.

I recommend praying the 7 Sorrows of Mary to really understand her life and her perfect Immaculate Heart.

I would recommend reading another Scott Hahn book - The Lamb’s Supper. I am a cradle Catholic, but reading this opens up the richness, scriptural basis (especially the book of Revelation), and connection to the Old Testament Passover Supper.

The Catholic faith is a “seamless garment” and this book helps explain how that is so with the Mass and the Eucharistic Feast.

As for Mary - we just love her like our own mother.

God Bless!

Yup, Be Not Afraid is a very popular song (I’d be wiling to make a large bet it won’t by any means be the last time you hear it!)

Here a good little book you can get, this is the on-line version :
The Pieta Prayer Book:

I know God loves me, and I am trying to find the right way to worship Him. I’ve teen doing allot of reading and I have a new friend who is Catholic and she is so easy to talk to and doesn’t take offense, she’s also VERY smart about what she believes but never pushy.
She discusses her beliefs so openly and honestly and passionately, so many of my questions are being answered.

Awesome, congrats.

This might help you about Mary:

As a recent convert to Catholicism from Methodism, I can tell you that it is overwhelming at first. I still cry at every Mass because I can’t believe I can fully participate in the Eucharist. Follow your heart in this matter, that’s for sure.

As far as the Holy Mother go, the understanding of the position of Mary comes with time. I had “issues” with it at first as well and through prayer and learning and researching I really started to see where it was coming from. And it’s wonderful now! It’s all about ridding yourself of the things you’ve been TOLD are about Catholicism and “Mary Worship” and seeking the Truth.

Thank you, with all of my reading I kept coming back to, ONE church…and the next round of reading would bring me to okay who did the early church fathers all point to as this ONE church. I’m slow, took a long time for the light bulb to go off. Your right now I’m trying to over come all of the stuff I “knew” growing up Church of Christ. Its really hard, and sometimes I know I’m fighting against the goads, but I’m trying really hard to listen to what God is telling me, and not what my past is telling me.


When I was returning to the Church a couple years and terrified that it would cost me my girlfriend, I was sitting in Mass on day after communion begging God for answers. Then they played that song I knew what the answer was: “Come, follow me…”

I took the song’s advice and followed God. She stuck with me and we’re getting married this fall! (Still can’t get her to convert, but that’s between her the Holy Spirit :cool: )

That’s funny. They played “Be not Afraid” at our 10:30 Mass yesterday. Where are u located.
And I agree. Scott Hahn’s books are great for converts. My wife and I just received confirmation and Eucharist at the Easter Vigil this year.

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