Went to a REALLY traditional OF Mass on Sunday

I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t sure what to expect except for it to be more traditional than most Masses I’ve been to. I loved it. There was Latin peppered about, I wasn’t even sure what was going on at one point. The priest lead in the Sign of the Cross before and after the homily as well. Also, I rarely sing along or say the responses, but I felt overwhelmed and was joining in the singing and responses. It made me think about the whole “active participation” bit that I was fed a few days ago at a more modernist parish I just joined. I felt like there was more active participation in the really traditional parish than there is in the modernist parish. Everything was fluid, everyone was participating and singing and responding and the decent sized choir was loud and the rest of the parishioners were almost just as loud. While at the modernist parish, the parishioners are hushed in their responses and the only clear singing is the single choir girl. In essence, I loved it and the reviews I’ve heard people give is that that parish gives the perfect example of how the OF should be done.

This is how the OF should be done:


Which parish is it?

Excellent! May their tribe increase.

Our Lady of Victory/St. Joseph in Rochester, NY.

They are Anglican converts of all people!

I’m really happy you were blessed to attend such a mass.

Wait for the new translation: it`ll be even better! :thumbsup:

No kidding. To be honest, I’m surprised these guys don’t do a EF as well. The church building is pretty much set up perfectly for one. High Altar and everything.

It might come, as well. Be patient! :smiley:
But, its great to hear from folks who have experienced such a wonderfully celebrated OF Mass. It shows how it can be done; and it counters the TLM-only idea. :) The whole thing raises your spirit, doesnt it!

Unlikely/ Im our parish there is choice between reverent New Form and the Tridentine form, and the majority freely chooses the New Form: they want to hear understand and feel the Mass, as their own…

The new form is reverent: toward the altar, chant is Gregorian, the choir at the back of the church, no holding hands, not even rite of peace, communion at the rails of the altar kneeling, always Confiteor and always Roman Canon.

Why would one choose the Mass with inaudible voice in an language what one does not feel, even if he learned it. It is natural that monolingual people do not feel the difference between the language what they learned first and between a language learned later, because they have no comparison. The first is for the whole person: mind, heart, kidneys - intellect, emotion, bodily desires; the other is may be for the mind but even so without nuances.

Not the Latin OF.

That’s a good one.

Or this one:


Laszlo, you are always saying discouraging things about the EF. :frowning:

I wish i had an EF Mass to attend much closer to me. Its good for me to understand the ways my parents and others had many many years ago.

Hope you get more chances to go again…

it’s very typical of him. I’ve learned to avoid the “ignorant” comments. But to be fair laszlo has shared some good information in the past, no one is perfect. Just pray for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong. Laszlo, you’re cool and very knowledgeable. But you do say negative things about the EF.

I just choose to ignore those who want to put down my choices of the type of Mass (EF and OF) I attend, and my choice to cover my head as I do both by my own free will.

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