Went to Mass and the Gospel was chanted


I went to Mass and the Gospel was chanted. What kind of Mass was it?


A beautiful one.


Kinda hard to guess with so few details, but it’s possible you went to a High Mass (or Missa Cantata) said in the Extraordinary Form. The gospel is chanted in such masses.


Chanted like this?



The gospel can be chanted at any Mass though it doesn’t happen often in my experience.


My experience also shows that it is rare, and only when the priest has a pretty good singing voice. :thumbsup:


Odd. That sounds weird but beautiful actually…yes it was definitely Extraordinary Form of Mass…was it Latin? As for high or low, I cant say, I have never been to either.


Missa Canata if it was an EF.


Interesting. I’ve never heard of that before.


Maybe the original poster could tell us if it was in Latin or vernacular. I think if it had been in Latin he would have mentioned it. The OF can also be in Latin, just isn’t often done that way. This sounds heavenly to have the gospel chanted. Whenever the celebrants chant (at least some), I always mention my appreciation afterwards.
A step in the right direction, I would say! :slight_smile:


Yes. We had a pastor with a wonderful voice. He chanted the gospel on Christmas (at least for midnight Mass), the Easter Vigil, and Good Friday (along with two cantors). A rare treat.

The gospel can also be chanted in the Ordinary Form.


While not required in the Ordinary Form of the mass, it is always the ideal for the Deacon to chant the Gospel, and in his absence, for the priest to chant the Gospel. The Gospel may be read instead of chanted…but chanted is always the Church’s preference. Sad that this is so rare today in most quarters. You’ll note at the more solemn papal masses, such as Pope Francis’ inauguration mass last year, a deacon chanted the Gospel in Greek. This is traditional for papal masses of a more solemn nature.


Yes, it can be. Usually, the deacon chants the gospel at my parish for the Easter Vigil. Papal Masses also often have chanted gospels - and they are almost all said in the Ordinary Form.


That should be Missa Cantata. :o

Also Missa Solemnis if deacon and subdeacon are part of the Mass. (The Epistle would also have been sung.)


Well, they Mass that I went to was last Saturday which was the feast of the Holy Cross and there was a choir there(not out of the ordinary at my church for certain times of the day for Mass). They also chanted some Gregorian chants. So I was kind of wondering where I was because of the chanted Gospel. He also chanted the first half of the Mass as well.


Yes. Like that.


It was in English but some of the parts of it were in Latin like some the songs were. It was weird because my family and I were trying to figure out what was going on, what kind of special event was it.


I second that


In fact, it’s ideal during Solemn Masses in the Ordinary Form to also chant the First Reading and Second Reading as well. There are standard tones for those.



Mass itself warrants enough to be the most important event in the world. The Gospel can be chanted at every Mass, in fact the entire Mass can be sung, whether or not it is a solemnity or not.

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