Went to my 1st Holy Mass today! WOW


I will be honest. I was amazed. I was amazed at the devotion of the people and the way things were done. It was ALL Scriptual and everything that we did honored and glorified God. The songs were a blessing, I have never prayed so much personally in church in my life. I prayed to God almost constantly and asked the Saints to pray for me as well almost constantly. The priests message was a blessing. I had tears in my eyes throughout the whole Mass. I was greatly blessed. I believe that I am in full communion through the Spirit with the Church, everything they taught was Biblical. Now I just need to make it a point and make my confirmation official. Praise be to God!


Thanks be to God indeed! I’m delighted that you had a great experience at your first Mass. I hope you never lose that wonderful sense of awe and wonder at Mass - there are so many people looking in every nook and cranny for miracles these days, yet we get one right before our eyes every time we go to Mass!

I wish you all the best on the rest of your journey. You will be on my prayer list!


Oh beautiful! I’m so happy you enjoyed your first Catholic Mass. It’s truly a blessing!


awesome! :smiley: so happy for you :slight_smile: that’s a real blessing.


Know what’s even MORE awesome? That four years later, I STILL feel that way! Welcome!!

I am due to be confirmed at Easter!! I hope we make our confirmations on the same date :slight_smile:


I’m delighted for you.
Lord please continue to welcome Linoge with deep spiritual union with You in Your Church


Give it a few years and then see how happy you are.


congratulations!!! it is most beautiful.


I served God before I came out of ignorence. I have always been enthused about church. But now I am in awe that I have The Church to go to. Going to a mass doesnt make me happy, serving God better does. I stand firmly by my the quote below this.


Well said, Linoge. Some people are jealous of other people’s happiness, and they will try to bring others down to their sad level.


It appears that FrancisPie is unhappy with the Church. He/She started another thread saying that he/she would like to quit the Catholic Church and join the Assembly of God.

In the light of the purpose of this thread, it is best to just let his/her comment pass.

Congratulations and Praise God in all of His Glory.
Welcome Home!!!



I agree, If you fall in love with Jesus then everything will fall into place :slight_smile: Obviously someone is looking for entertainment rather than “God’s Presence” We should all pray for Him :slight_smile:


I have said it before, I’ll say it now, and I’ll say it again:

I think that converts to Catholicism bring back into the fold a fire that we need to rekindle. Just listening to the things that converts say about the Church is so inspiring, and often makes me cry.:o

I’m glad you’re home, Linoge1. We’re glad to have anyone who loves Christ like you do! I like to think of it as this: … you complete what we lacked previously. And I say that to any convert who discovers the beauty of Christ in His Church… even if they are still on the journey.

God Bless you on your journey,



I love watching “The Journey Home” for just this reason.



Praise God! I am so glad for you, Linoge1! It is GLORIOUS what God does for His people in the Mass!

I have a couple little tips about Mass that I’ve picked up, which may bless you.

One is that the Mass is a prayer. The entire thing, readings, hymns, prayers and Eucharist are all meant to be prayed, they are all us speaking to God and God speaking back to us, telling us His truth and expressing to us His love. So the fact that you were praying a lot makes perfect sense! Everything in the Mass is there to be prayed :D.

The other tip I have is . . . Hmm, I don’t know if anyone here has noticed this in their lives like I have in mine, but it seems to me as though most of the time when I go to Mass, the Scripture readings happen to be exactly paralleling whatever is going on in my life at the moment. It’s pretty amazing to me, really. I sometimes feel as though I can predict what Scripture readings are going to come up next based on what’s going on in my life, or at least I could predict sometimes how they’ll be themed. It’s a very strange and wonderful experience. I don’t know if it would work the same for you, but it just keeps happening to me that probably 3/4 of the time I go to Mass, the readings are directly addressing something going on in my life at the moment.

I don’t know if you’ll have the same experience, but this might be interesting to watch for. It’s probably partly a result of seeking ways to conform my life more perfectly to the messages, but for me it’s been more than that.

Anyway, God bless you and I’m so glad He has spoken to you so marvelously in His Church!


[quote="FRANCISPIE, post:7, topic:176541"]
Give it a few years and then see how happy you are.


JL: Well as a convert from a non-denominational bible church I have been going to mass for 35 years daily when I can still going stong and loving it. Knowing scripture helps


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