Went to my first mass on Saturday


Well, actually, I guess it’s my third. However, the first was a Christmas Eve mass when I was a child, and the second was over a decade ago. This was the first mass I went to where I am seriously considering converting. It was an interesting experience, and in some ways not what I expected.

The homily was wonderful- I simply adore Father. He is able to give a homily about such serious things as confession, sin, and repentance in a deep, yet humorous way. The people were friendly w/o being scary. However, there were some things I didn’t like (or at least didn’t prefer). I didn’t realize that NO services have no incense and there were very few icons, pictures of the saints, candles, or anything. In fact, quite a bit of the church walls seemed bare. The responsive readings were also a bit dry. Perhaps it’s b/c I’ve attended an Orthodox liturgy which seems much more mystical. In some ways, this seemed like a liturgical protestant church. There is more singing and chanting in EO services, and it seemed like we sang one song and the altar was set up and ready for Eucharist to be presented! At the EO church, that part alone takes a while.:smiley:

I haven’t decided if I’m going back to that parish or not. Even though it didn’t have some of what I expected, I still found it meaningful. However, most of my Catholic acquaintances go to other parishes. I chose this one b/c I have a sentimental attachment to it. It’s the only parish I’ve ever visited, I love Father, and the whole family attends their Halloween carnival every year and have so much fun.

Well, anyway, guess I’ve rambled on enough. At least this parish has a priest who doesn’t give PC “Dr. Phil” homilies.:eek:



Hi Oneseeker,

I am glad your experience was generally positive. But I would like to correct your impression about the regular mass (the so-called NO). There is nothing against having Gregorian chant, incense etc. If you have a chance of seeing one of the pope’s masses, you will see how solemn a Novus Ordo mass can be.

I am sure there are some solemn Novus Ordo Masses in your area. Ask about it at the Cathedral Church or at a monastery. If ever you come to Montreal, go to Notre-Dame Church at 11 o’clock on Sunday. You will get organ, chant, incense the whole thing.

But you realize of course that the first mass (on the eve of Jesus’ death) was a very simple one.


The so-called Tridentine Mass is not necessarily solemn. On a daily basis, it is done without chant, incense or any of those adjuncts.


I also went to my first Mass on Sunday, and I really enjoyed it!!! I was really nervous about doing all the different traditions with the rest of the church, and I did mess up a couple times because I didnt know all the proper things to say or the right times to kneel but noone looked at me like i was crazy or anything:) But it really changed the picture I had in my head of the way it would be. What really impressed me was the reverence that was shown, and that to me is VERY important. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit too!!
God bless


Hey, at times and some places the church you attend may be the most plain and have the most uninspired priest, but just remember this: at the mass boring or not you will receive the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. :slight_smile:


That is His Love as He promised He would be always with us.


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