Went to my first TLM



I am converting to the Catholic Church and went to my first Traditional Latin Mass yesterday. It was just simply amazing. All the altar boys were boys. So much reverence by everybody. I didn’t understand the Latin parts, of course, but I think I will get better at it over time especially with the Latin-English Booklet Missal that is provided.

So much incense and smoke especially because it was High Mass. Just fell in love with it. What clinched it for me completely was the partaking of the Eucharist. As soon as the Eucharist was presented, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it and it was like time just stopped.

Then seeing everybody that was in a state of Grace partaking in the Eucharist was breaktaking. Everybody kneeling in front of this beautiful marble altar rail and receiving it on the tongue.

I can’t wait for the day when I am confirmed and take first confession so I can receive the Eucharist as well. It is well worth the wait though.

Also the Mass was around two hours. Had no idea until my wife pointed out what time it was when she picked me up afterwards. Not sure if that is how it is every week or just during this time but will never complain about that. This is definitely an answered prayer from the Lord and praise God that He blessed Fresno, California, with a Traditional Latin Mass.

For those that have been to a TLM, do you remember your first time? Was your experience any different? The same? Would love to hear about them. Have a blessed week as we are coming upon week two of Lent. God bless you all.

Curtis House

Curmudgeons In The Valley Of Gwangi :t_rex:

I’m so glad you were edified by the mass of all ages!

Presumably this was a high mass that you attended. Thus far, I have only attended low masses, and I loved them. I can’t wait for the day when I can attend high mass. I do long for a large-scale return to the traditional mass.


I’ve been to probably a dozen TLMs, my first one was about a year and a half ago. They’re not all that convenient for me to attend, so I need to make special plans when I want to go to one as on average they require about an hour’s drive.

I like seeing Mass being said as my mother and grandparents used to see it. The larger ones at the Cathedral often have wonderful music as well, and even some of the smaller ones have impressive chant from the local schola. I also enjoy hearing the Latin as I studied Latin in school.

I don’t find it particularly more reverent than a daily Mass at my parish. I said “daily Mass” because that is the one that brings out all the hardcore Mass goers like religious sisters from the convent, people who go every day etc. and they are all reverent even if they take Communion standing, etc.


I say give it time. There are so many people that are tired of the new things that have come with the NO Mass. I can see a huge resurgence happening in the near future. Just pray about it. I also loved seeing girls of all ages wearing veils. Even this little one that was probably about two years old. It’s hard to put it all into words. There are so many things that happened that I just loved.


I haven’t been able to attend any Masses during the week yet either NO or TLM. Tried to go once on the last Holiday which was President’s Day I think but the timing was off. I definitely need to make more time even if I have to go to sleep earlier. Sleep is vital to me though because of my Epilepsy so I have to be careful even though, praise God, the meds I’m on work so well!


How do you know they all were ?


Presumably they wouldn’t be partaking if they weren’t.


Because devotees of the TLM are all True Catholics who would never receive while in a state of sin, of course.


That sounds beautiful. While I love my Parish and my two backup CC I attended when I can’t make it to my main one, I really want to attend a TLM. I am a person who loves history, especially history of our Faith, so I want to experience the TLM.

I have to say though the CC I attend are pretty reverant. The Catholic service I attended while I was incarcerated was very reverant. So much so that we changed the heart and attitude of the Pentecostal Chaplain who was in charge of the chapel and Religous Services. He did not have a very good opinion of Catholics and our Faith until he saw how serious we took it and how reverant he saw that we were. He even told that to our Catholic Deacon that normally led our service. He was so impressed he really warmed up to us! :grinning:

We normally did not have the luxury of candles, organ/piano or incense. We still held a beautiful Mass, if we had a Priest that Sunday or a Service if we had a Deacon that Sunday. We sang, bowed and did our own procession carrying the Gospel and the cross. We did the best to make it very reverant.


How do you know that ?


Internet really needs a sarcasm font.


It is not a cult.

@CurtisHouse Mass is about worshipping God as part of a community. It is wonderful you are attending Mass. Any Mass.
However, where are your stats for your statement

The Eucharist, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, is also presented at the Ordinary form of Mass, there is no difference. God doesn’t present Himself any differently at any Mass, regardless of its physical environment.

Please do not allow anyone to convince you of anything different.


I do remember the first TLM I attended. It was in 1999, while I was visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.

The parish I belonged to at the time offers Mass in the OF beautifully celebrated according to the rubrics, with nothing added, modified or omitted. I was very happy during the three years I lived in that area.

On Sunday morning, my mother woke me up at 5am to take me to a 6:30am TLM (Missa Cantata). :confounded: She wanted me to experience the old rite for once in my life. I took the mantilla she held out to me and off we went.

Unlike the experience of many others, attending the TLM was not some eye-opening watershed moment for me. I remember being lost in the Latin, my knees and back hurting from kneeling for so much of the liturgy (the kneelers were bare planks of wood), struggling to keep the mantilla from sliding off my head, and the sheer length of the Mass (1¾ hours). This is not to say that I didn’t like it. Afterwards, I thanked my mom and returned her mantilla.

I did not attend another TLM for fourteen years, although I did participate, once, in an OF Mass celebrated in Latin.

These days, about half the Masses I attend are celebrated in the EF. The Archdiocese I live in is blessed to have a thriving, welcoming ICRSS (English: ICKSP) apostolate, but I still attend Mass in my territorial parish as well. OF and EF every weekend; OF and/or EF during the week (my Mass attendance Monday through Friday is currently sporadic). Note that I don’t compare the two. I don’t believe one is superior to the other, and attending each form has heightened my appreciation for the other.

Though I don’t know if I’ll change my mind about this in the future, so far I have not considered limiting my Mass participation to a single form. I benefit spiritually from regularly attending both.


That is a very refreshing thing to read on CAF!


Let me begin by congratulating you on your recent experience! Many, many people would share your general impressions of the reverence and overall beauty to be found in TLM. And don’t worry, it gets much easier as one goes along!

Even as a new member here on CAF I see that this subject is a minefield, so I want to be clear: in no way is the NO mass invalid, and it is true, that with a good priest it can be celebrated just beautifully. In fact, many of my clerical heroes celebrate the new mass: Frs Fessio, Groeschel, Rutler and countless others would be hard to beat for reverence and their service to the Church.

Having said this, however, I’ve had trouble finding clergymen of their quality around me. I’m sick to death of priests beginning Mass with a smarmy smile, asking how everyone is this morning while strolling up and down aisles, patting small children on the head and discussing the weather. This coupled with unsingable music led by well-meaning but slightly ridiculous song leaders (“All together now!”) sapped my zeal to such an extent I stopped attending church for years. God forgive me. It’s not something I’m proud of. And I rush to add, if people are able to save their souls with such celebrations more power to them! But it didn’t work for me.

Attending a traditional, Latin rite parish has had an electrifying effect on my faith. I actually look forward to going to Mass these days instead of considering it a cross to be borne. Deo gratias! I’m to the point now that I’d probably attend an SSPX chapel or even look into the Orthodox over attending most NO parishes! (Ducks and runs! :smile:)


I’m now a regular TLM attendee, but I actually didn’t like it at first. It felt redundant and tedious compared to the NO. But even then, the love for the ancient liturgy was planted in my mind; it grew and blossomed over the next few years. I noticed how much more reverent the parish was (FSSP), ie sacred silence, veiling, greater care and protection of the Eucharist. I purchased a 1962 hand Missal and studied the rubrics and prayers for several weeks so that I could better understand what was going on. Anyway, that progressed for a few months, and now I’m more enthusiastic about getting up for Sunday Mass and going to daily Mass. I feel it has helped me grow into a more mature Catholic.


Good for you, and good for Fresno!
You may notice there are many young people and families with children at the TLM. That’s how it is in Sacramento, anyway. A very healthy sign.


TLM priests offer confession before every Mass, even continuing after Mass has begun in some places. And people use the confessional. Common to see 10-15 people in line before every Mass. That’s a whole different mindset about the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


That’s also true of many parishes that celebrate the OF. I guess it depends on the diocese, but often when I read on CAF “such and such is an EF parish thing” I think “no, that’s how we do it at my OF cathedral…”

Lots of incense? Check.
Lots of chant? Check.
Lots of polyphony? Check.
Kneeling at the altar rail to receive? Check.
Everyone respectful / reverent? Check.
Long lines for confession and literally a couple dozen scheduled times a week? Check.
All of the above can very much be part of one’s “Novus Ordo” experience.


Stop picking nits and let the OP enjoy his conversion and immersion into the catholic faith. He’s happy about his experience and wanted to share it. No need to diminish it.

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