Went to the adoration chapel last night


Our parish is fortunate enough to have a 24 hour adoration chapel. I stopped by after tennis lesson last night and for the first time spent an hour praying in front of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Wow, it’s impossible to come away unaffected. Highly recommended. If you haven’t taken time to do this, I would recommend it to anyone.


I agree, adoration is a powerful thing!


Isn’t it amazing!?!?!?! I’m so glad you have experience adoration and it sounds like this will be not your only time!

It’s so sad that some of us don’t experience that time alone with Jesus. It is but one of the powerful gifts we have been given.


It is indeed a wonderful opportunity. I think I’m going to sign up for a regular hour each week. Glad you enjoyed so much. Take care.


Thanks for posting this, I’ve been contemplating going my self but haven’t yet. Can you share your thoughts on your experiences there? Any prayers you prayed there? I’m a cradle catholic, but I was raised essentially in a cafateria catholic environment. I’ve started praying the Rosary on my own, but I have yet to go to adoration. Sad to say, I’ve only recently even heard of it. Thanks for your thoughts (anyone really lol), and God bless.


. Imagine visiting your best friend in the world, but much more loving. Someone that knows you more than yourself. Someone that has watched over you and took steps to save you from sin and self destruction all your life.

If you keep this mind, I think you’ll have plenty of ideas what to do there when you get there and for subsequent visits.


There aren’t any specific prayers you need to say, although any formal prayers are appropriate. Or you can just speak to Jesus from your heart.
We also have been blessed with perpetual adoration and my hour is very special to me. Yeah, it’s hard sometimes to get up early and go each week, but the rewards are a million times worth the effort! I feel like Jesus is my friend that I can talk to Him about anything. I can’t do that with anyone else. And I come away with a lot of peace inside.
I often think when I’m out among other people after adoration, what would they think if they knew that a short time before, I was in the presence of God? I don’t mean me specifically, but most people don’t know that God is right there in front of us on the altar. What would they do if they knew that?


Try a middle of the night holy hour…you won’t be able to stay away!!


God bless you, as well! Well, my experience was this: I wasn’t alone in the room, there was a couple in there for the hour for which they had signed up, and then at the 9pm hour mark, another couple came in to relieve them. I was there from 8:30-9:30 so I got to witness the shift change. Some of the people in there were reading the Bible, some were reading daily devotionals. I read one of the devotionals that a man handed me, but for the rest of the hour that I was in there, I just prayed, or simply sat and gazed upon the Sacrament. There was something very compelling about being in that tiny room with the Sacrament. You could not ignore the presence of Christ in the room; it was palpable, almost staring you down. If my mind started to wonder, it was though it was immediately snapped back into remembering where I was and who I was with. I prayed many Our Fathers with my eyes closed and the Fatima while gazing upon the Sacrament. God bless, again!


Unfortunetly it looks like my options are a little more limited, 1st friday of the mo I beleive are pretty much them. I’m looking forward to my first oppertunity to spend some time in adoration. Thanks for your thoughts guys!


I love adoration too:heaven:

You’re so blessed to have perpetual adoration!! I’m very jealous of you right now!

And about the other people… I do wish that more believed in the real prescence. They are SO missing out. In heaven God will say to them, why didn’t you spend time with Me? Why didn’t you partake of Me in the Eucharist? I would have made your life so much better!:slight_smile:


Don’t forget, you don’t have to sign up for a regular hour; you can go in while other people are there while your schedule allows. That’s what I did. Imagine how big our adoration chapels would have to be if we all took a little time out to stop by the church and pray!


It is true what you mentioned about the presence being palpable…when I took my husband, who is not Catholic and did not really understand what was going on…he later said, wow there is something that feels really peaceful in that room. Turns out he didn’t even see the wafer in the monstrance, he just thought it was a decoration of some kind. Needless to say he now gets and accepts the concept of the real presence.


Very cool! :thumbsup:


Yes! There is an adoration chapel not far from me; my sister-in-law invited me to go about 2 years ago. What a wonderful place. It is difficult to find time every week, to go, but I try to go every 2 or 3 weeks. It is a wonderful, silent, holy place. But Jesus sometimes speaks in the silence.


Wow! =) :thumbsup:


I love adoration :smiley:

I miss it so much… I used to go more often when I didn’t have classes.

I always feel peace when I go to Catholic churches and now I know it’s because Jesus is there!

wow!! :smiley:


Just wanted to update, I had my first oppertunity recently to experience this. It was a terrific experience and I look forward to my next oppertunity next month. I can only pray we will get more oppertunities to participate in adoration. right now it’s a monthly thing.

Oh, and I did the following while there:

Started out with 10 our fathers, 10 hail mary’s, 10 glory be’s. Not sure why, just kind of felt right to me at the time.

Read the Acts of the Apostles from my NAB.

Prayed around the half hour mark. This was just informal

Read more Acts

Closed out with the Prayer for Preists & Prayer to St. Michael

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